How To Deposit Cash With USAA

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Online checking accounts, like those offered by USAA, accompany tons of benefits . They need lower fees, your bank is open 24/7, and you’ll do everything online or together with your mobile – everything but deposit cash. While you’ll take an image of a check to deposit it digitally, you cannot do this with cash. If you’ve got a USAA account, you’ve got to use a deposit-taking ATM to deposit cash. If there’s not one near you, search for other options.

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Locating an ATM

Use the USAA ATM locator website. USAA features a number of locations nationwide where you’ll manage your USAA accounts, primarily using an ATM. Click on “ATMs and Locations” under the “Help” menu to urge started.

  • By default the map shows all USAA locations nationwide. you’ll concentrate and out on the map.
  • Clicking on a dot on the map brings up specific information that location and therefore the services available there.

Trading Your Cash for a postal order

Purchase a postal order . you’ll buy money orders at post offices, Western Union, and a few grocery stores and discount stores, like Walmart. Some places might not issue money orders for quite $1,000, so if you’ve got a bigger amount of money , you would possibly got to get quite one.

  • You will have to pay a fee to urge your postal order issued, but it’s always no quite a few of dollars. The US mail only charges 45 cents for military money orders.
  • A postal order is treated a bit like a check. Since you’re depositing the cash order into your own account, list yourself because the recipient. You’ll also fill out your information and sign because of the purchaser of the cash order.

Assessing Other Options

Locate a USAA Preferred ATM. While you cannot deposit cash into a Preferred ATM, you’ll withdraw funds, check account balances, or move funds between accounts without accruing any ATM fees.

  • Search for ATMs that have an “Allpoint,” “MoneyPass,” or “PNC Bank” logo. These are USAA Preferred ATMs.
  • If you discover a Preferred ATM attached to a bank branch, you’ll want to think about opening an account at that bank. You’ll use that account for cash deposits and also manage your USAA account from an equivalent location.

Write a check from another account

If you’ve got a lover or loved one who features a bank account with a brick-and-mortar bank, they’ll be ready to compute an appointment with you. Deposit the take advantage their checking account , then have them write you a check for the entire .

  • Once you get their check, you’ll deposit it using the USAA mobile banking app on your phone.
How To Deposit Cash With USAA

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