How to Deposit Checks With the Bank of America iPhone App

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The Bank of America iPhone app features a feature that permits you to deposit your checks right from your phone. Use this text to seek out the way to deposit a check from your phone, and you will not need to visit the bank ever again.

How to Deposit Checks Bank of America on iPhone?

The Bank of America has added feature that permits to your deposit checks to Bank of America from your Apple iPhone Smartphone (Android, Windows phone devices) also using tablet (iPad Mini, iPad Air) and more. So now, using Mobile Check Deposit feature of Bank of America’s Holder can check his or her Total amount USD (US Dollars) instant via iPhone or iPad App. Even, you’ll view processing deposits under the Account details section of the iPhone or iPad app. If you’ve not installed the app then you’ll download Bank of America app for your Apple device (iPhone 6, 6 plus and more).

Main advantage of the Mobile Deposit Checks feature

  • Save Time
  • you’ll deposit your Check without a Trip to the bank.
  • Use Apple Pay also might admit Apple Fact-checks Deposit of Bank of America on iPhone 6 6plus

Tap the Deposit button within the top right corner of the screen

If this is often the primary time, you will need to inform them (via the verification button) that you simply acknowledge that you would really like to use this service.

Scan the front of the check, using the phone’s camera

Confirm to supply plenty of light. A blurry picture at now would require you to res can the check.

If the users iPhone features a flash on the front built into the device, provides it some light and therefore the device will integrate more light via the flash if needed.

Tap the “Amount” box

This is often a verification box, because the phone isn’t ready to discern the ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition) image from the check just yet.

Type the quantity from the box into the box, starting with the dollar amount

Confirm to finish the quantity together with your cents portion (even if the check is for an even-dollar amount), you will need to enter 00 for this portion.


  • If the image was a touch blurry, move to a more lit area or provide more light and res can all sides, the app marks with an “x” (within a square) icon.
  • Destroy the check through a shredding process (can be as simple as fully tearing the check-up and ensuring the routing and account numbers are completely unreadable) to make sure no financial evidence are often left to prying eyes (negatively).
  • The Android phone update that added this feature was assail 8/16/2012, so update app accordingly.
  • While most other banks that have this feature have their feature for commercial accounts only, Bank of America’s mobile check deposit feature is for any sort of account, so deposit away you residential account-holders!
  • Realize that the account number and check number are often found in two spots on the check, which both must be unreadable to supply privacy to your depositor.
  • The complete withdrawal from the payer’s account will happen the subsequent business day, but the credit are going to be pending during that period. Therefore, the deposit won’t be available immediately.
  • Like most Bank of America ideas, once you deposit checks via this app, no deposit slip is required. However, if you would like to form a note that it had been deposited on such and such each day, keep one handy and write of it the dates and confirmation numbers, very similar to you’d, had you been inside a bank to deposit it.
  • Keep the sign-up in a secure location for 14 days. If the check isn’t accepted or another issue ensues, you will be required to relinquish the check to your bank.


  • At this time(09/2013), you cannot make a deposit to an IRA account as an account contribution, regardless of how hard you are trying. There’s no option within the list for you to try to too intrinsically. (This is because contributions can only be made in cash amounts and not via check!)
How to Deposit Checks With the Bank of America iPhone App

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