How to Do Sexual Meditation

Here you can get information about How to Do Sexual Meditation. Sexual meditation may be a way to heighten awareness of the body to extend pleasure during sex. Regular sexual meditation, may help to form sex more enjoyable for you and your partner, and it’s also how to deepen your connection. You’ll find out how to do sexual meditation, albeit you’ve got never meditated before.

Start a simple, daily mindfulness practice

If you are not meditating or creating any moments of mindfulness in the least in your average day-to-day, it’s time to start out. “I advocate really strongly for, first and foremost, a general, structured mindfulness practice,”. This might include simply sitting quietly to meditate on your own and that specialize in your breathing, or it could involve meditating with the assistance of an app like Calm or Headspace.

Building skills and learning to specialize in your breath, the instant, and other sensations can assist you adopt your newfound habit within the bedroom, she notes.
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Do this back-to-back partner activity together

“Mindfulness exercises are often through with a partner and that I often advocate doing them together,”. One she likes: Sit or stand back-to-back and do a body scan, where you mentally scan how your body feels from head to toe, noting any parts that feel tense or relaxed. Specialize in the points of contact between you and your partner. Hone in on factors like texture, pressure, and temperature—things you’ll devour on in sexual moments.

Open your eyes while you meditate, then try it during sex

Closing your eyes during meditation are often helpful because it eliminates distraction from the visual field, says Fraser. But too often, a scarcity of eye contact in sex can keep us from connecting with our partner.

To refine this skill, Fraser suggests finding mindful moments once you keep your eyes open, like sitting and searching out a window at a gorgeous spring scene or staring at a plant in your apartment, taking in its different parts.

Focusing on something beautiful once you’re not within the bedroom can assist you roll in the hay when you are, she says. Within the moment, especially if you’re feeling yourself getting pulled elsewhere, attempt to gaze into your partner’s eyes.

Better yet, try this eye contact exercise

At a quiet time during the day, sit face-to-face together with your partner and gaze into his or her eyes for 3 full minutes, suggests Fraser. Better yet: Gaze into just one eye, which isn’t something people do fairly often but can actually be more intense than switching between both eyes, she says. It’s okay to giggle and feel uncomfortable, but try not to talk.

You can advance the exercise by kissing together with your eyes open, focusing in on the sensations. When you’re easier simply watching one another outside of the bedroom, it should come easier within the heat of the instant (playing up that connection factor), she says.

Take a distracting thought in a sexier direction

If you notice your mind wandering during sex, drop the thought and swap it for a sexual one, suggests Fraser. While using your erotic imagination to consider something sexy isn’t exactly what it means to be within the moment, it’s something Fraser often suggests to people to assist bring them closer to the sexual experience at hand. “Mental distraction is the favorite drive killer and this is often a step within the right direction,” she says.

Eventually, with practice, you would possibly not need this bridge and could be ready to simply drop the thought to specialize in the intensity of slightly or smell within the moment.

Try a ‘slow sex’ session

In a crazy, fast-paced world, slowing down your mind is difficult. It’s also not something we do all that always. That’s why Fraser suggests that folks have really slow sex from time to time (or that they practice really slow sexual activities).

Her advice: Have one session where one person is that the ‘giver’ and one is that the ‘receiver’ and easily consider slow, erotic touch or seduction. Training your mind and body to hamper can’t only improve mental focus but also curiosity, helping you to understand certain touches you would possibly not have known you liked or sensations you hadn’t noticed before.


  • Before you decide to give sexual meditation a try, talk to your partner about why you want to try it.
  • You and your partner can meditate individually as well to get into the habit of clearing your minds and make tandem meditation a bit easier.
How to Do Sexual Meditation

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