How to Do the Baby Crow Pose

Here you can get information about How to Do the Baby Crow Pose. The baby crow pose may be a variation of crow pose that helps to enhance balance and strengthen the shoulders and arms. It also helps stretch the upper back and work the core muscles. First, undergo some warm up exercises, then work toward the pose.

Baby Bakasana has all the same actions as Karandavasna without the deep Lotus hip-opener (it can also be lowered into from forearm balance).

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Step 1: Prime Your Spine for Baby Bakasana

It’s important to prime your spine for Baby Bakasana because there’ll be a huge amount of rounding within the full pose. Start during a squat, balancing on the balls of your feet together with your big toes touching.

Separate your knees and walk your hands call at front of you until your arms are straight. Reach your forehead down toward the bottom as you lengthen your heels toward the mat behind you. Breathe here for 8 breaths.

Step 2: Place Your Forearms on the Mat

Stay low from Step 1 and just walk your hands in and place your forearms onto the mat parallel to every other. Wrap your knees round the upper outer edges of your arms. Spread all 10 fingers evenly and depress on each side of the wrists.

Keep the gaze slightly past your fingertips and start to lean forward, keeping the knees actively hugging around your arms.

Step 3: Still Lean Forward

Continue to learn forward, so your face gets closer to the bottom. I prefer to joke that there’s a bowl of your favourite food ahead of your hands, and you don’t have a fork, so you’ve got to travel face first! It’ll feel as if you’re folding your biceps onto your forearms.

Just take care to not lift the elbows—they will stay flat the whole time. Once you lean forward, resist the load of the legs on your arms by hugging the shoulders. Point just your left foot (you’re so on the brink of the bottom you won’t be ready to lift it, just point).

Step 4: Round Your Back Deeply

Round your upper back deeply, as if you’ll sprout wings out of your shoulder blades. Still squeeze your knees around your arms as you lean forward a pinch more and point your second foot, so both feet are now off the bottom.

Round your upper back, firm your elbows down, and keep your gaze slightly forward with none of the strain in your neck. Spread your toes and hold for five breaths, then release your feet to the bottom.

Benefits of baby crow

  • Strengthen arms
  • Stretches upper back
  • Improves balance and core strength
  • Boosts confidence and body awareness
  • Hones focus
  • Increases flexibility of the spine
  • Avoids putting weight on your wrists


  • While it’s going to seem scary, remember to stay the gaze ahead of you and lead with the heart! Looking forward to where you would like to travel will assist you get there most efficiently.
  • Looping a strap around your upper arms can help keep your elbows at shoulder distance apart and may encourage the action of energetically drawing in toward the midline.
  • Care must be taken to avoid “dumping” into the shoulders during this pose. Believe actively pressing through your elbows, firming through your upper outer arms, and resisting faraway from the bottom together with your shoulders.
How to Do the Baby Crow Pose

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