How to Do Yoga Nidra

Here you can get information about How to Do Yoga Nidra. Yoga Nidra (also referred to as Yogic Sleep) may be a powerful relaxation technique that you simply can do once you gain some control over the relief response. When practiced right, this technique are often as restorative as sleep, while remaining fully conscious. If, however, you do not practice it successfully, and you nod off, the sleep will be even as restorative as successfully performing Yoga Nidra.

What is Yoga Nidra?

Yoga Nidra is simply like meditation, only while being half-asleep! Also called yoga sleep, Yoga Nidra may be a state of half-consciousness where you stay between being awake or asleep. It simply may be a ‘going to sleep’ stage induced by guided meditation or a talented instructor. Together of the simplest yoga asanas, Yoga Nidra makes practitioners rest comfortably in savasana (corpse pose). The yoga sleep then takes the person through the Pancha Maha kosha (five layers of self) during a simple and gradual manner, helping them feel light with a way of wholeness. Yoga Nidra has been proven to assist you eliminate body sores, aches, tiredness, and stress and feel more relaxed and rejuvenated. With regular practice, Yoga Nidra helps an individual become active and filled with life, leaving their dull, tired self behind.

For Yoga Nidra, you would like to lie straight on your back and check out to sleep without actually sleeping. Confused? Don’t be. Here may be a 7-step guide to assist you practice peaceful Yoga Nidra and say ‘bye’ to worry, anxiety, nervousness, and tiredness. These steps will assist you enjoy a simple Yoga Nidra sleep practice, where the result gives your mind and body with an additional dose of relaxation. Just attempt to nod off while following these steps.


  • First, you need a recording of somebody who is reading aloud the instructions of Yoga Nidra. to induce Yoga Nidra, one must list to the given set of instructions, a bit like a guided meditation. One also can hear a lover who is reading the instructions, but the simplest way is to concentrate on a recording of somebody or yourself, which is taken into account more practical. An honest recording should be soft also as have a soothing feel alongside being clear. Many practitioners tend to prefer female recordings, but it’s not necessary, and you’ll always find various male recordings if that works perfectly fine for you.
  • The second step is to organize blankets, which should be a soft yoga mat or the other comfortable surface which is supposed for sitting or lying on. For Yoga Nidra to be an absolute success, you would like to be the maximum amount comfortable as you’ll be. Just in case you own a memory foam mattress or mat, then that’s the simplest thing to use. If it’s not the case, you’ll use any pillows or mats that employment for you. Some people often like better to elevate their feet or sometimes their head.
  • Now you would like to organize comforts like incense, a candle etc. You don’t wish to be inhaling toxic fumes, any quite artificial fragrances or any bad smells once you are practicing yoga. Scents can essentially be directed specifically towards the encouragement of emotional reactions. A number of them may foster tranquillity, which also calms the systema nervosum while others can promote a way of happiness, joy also as energy.
  • You ought to always wear loose clothing. You’ll definitely want clothing which is comfortable for you, and you’ll breathe easy. This will assist you in avoiding any unsuccessful attempts if you’re not comfortable. You don’t need to buy or wear any specific yoga clothes, as you need just lose also as breathable clothes.
  • Now you need to warm up with Sun Salutations, also referred to as Surya Namaskar. Doing few rounds of this sun salutations can effectively make and prepare your muscles also as mind to practice yoga. If this yoga doesn’t relax you, then you’ll try learning and do a couple of yoga asanas. There’s a good range of yoga poses also referred to as asanas, which one can practice and most of them range from being simple and relaxing to difficult also as strenuous.
  • Confirm that you simply make the space as quiet as you’ll. to achieve a full concentration of mind, the space must be silent. However, in these busy times of today, it’d seem to be impossible. Rather than that specialize in just making the space silent, you ought to specialise in making the space as quiet as possible.

Practicing Yoga Nidra

  • Lie flat on your back, together with your arms stretched by your sides (or however feels most comfortable). It’s also a choice to sit during a comfortable position, but some have found using this position to be unsuccessful. If you select to lie, extend your body as far as you’ll, flattening your body out. Position your head wherever it feels most comfortable.
  • Close your eyes. Relax your eyelids, letting them simply lie on your eyeballs, not squeezing them shut.
  • Take a few deep breaths, emphasizing exhalation. Inhale through your nose, gradually filling your lungs with air, then exhale through your mouth. Attempt to inhale and exhale on a 10-second count.
  • When the recording tells you to, rotate and visualize said part. Focus only thereon the part, not allowing your mind to become distracted by other things.
  • Repeat step 4 until you’ve got rotated and visualized all body parts. You ought to now feel completely relaxed, all tension gone.
  • Become conscious of your entire body. As you probably did with each part, visualize your entire body, even as it’s now. For a few people, it helps to see a glowing aura around themselves.
  • Prepare to return to ordinary consciousness. Gently move your fingers for a couple of moments, take a deep breath, then open your eyes. Expect to return out of Yogic Sleep naturally, whether you come back after only a quarter-hour or an entire hour.
  • Return to a sitting position. Don’t rise up, or attempt to aggressively rouse yourself. Simply sit crisscross, or if you’re more advanced, try sitting within the position.
  • If you would like, or if you’ve got time, land up with some asanas. This may help your body to become fully awake, and completely out of Yogic Sleep

Know About the advantages Of Yoga Nidra

By doing yoga Nidra, energy is preserved in your body, it helps your body to fight against various sorts of diseases and keeps you disease-free. Allow us to know what benefits you get by doing yoga Nidra.

  • Take Yoga nidra and keep all day. For those that want the body, it’s to start out from here. Ordinarily, effortless relaxation is required by yoga Nidra after any yoga order. This Yogasana warms the body, calms the mind and relaxes at normal temperature.
  • Yoga Nidra not just for physical or mental relaxation but also for preparing the mind for yogic discipline. (study)
  • Researches also indicate that Yoga Nidra are often used as a therapeutic technique to cure psychological disorders like anxiety, asthma, hostility, insomnia, cancer, hypertension, etc. it’s a successful therapy. (study)
  • If yoga Nidra is completed regularly, then it can help us in reducing stress. Consistent with one study, women and men who had more stress. Advised to try to Yoga Nidra during the study.
  • Recent studies show that Yoga Nidra is useful for ladies alongside providing general physical benefits. It can help reduce problems associated with menstruation in women. Pain, stress or depression-related problems in women during menstruation are often easily overcome. (study)
  • People that have problems associated with sleep can benefit by practicing yoga sleep.
  • Players also take Yoga Nidra to win within the field games.


  • No deadline applies to Yogic Sleep, unless you impose one. Expect to return out of Yogic Sleep naturally, whether you come back after only a quarter-hour or an entire hour. Otherwise, you may nod off. If you’ve got things to try to afterward, confirm you set your phone or meditation app for a mild warning call. Don’t rush! As a rule of thumb, half an hour of Yoga Nidra is adequate to three hours of sleep.
  • Keep yourself cozy; cover yourself with a blanket to stay yourself warm. After a lively session of yoga postures, the body is hot and once you lie for yoga nidra, the temperature suddenly drops, and you would possibly feel slightly cold. So, it’s an honest idea to stay a light-weight blanket handy.
  • Gentle music also can aid in yoga nidra. You’ll turn on light, music or some soothing chants before starting yoga nidra. However, music isn’t an important element for yoga nidra. You will find yourself relaxing to your own internal rhythm.


  • It’s not advisable to try to yoga nidra immediately after lunch because you would possibly find yourself experiencing only nidra (sleep) and no yoga!
How to Do Yoga Nidra

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