How to Do Yoga Walking

Here you can get information about How to Do Yoga Walking. Yoga walking is enlightenment while walking. This is often the last word kick! It’s health training, stress reduction, and inner happiness in one. Yoga walking is your daily pilgrimage into the light. If you actually pilgrimage, the pilgrimage will turn you into a goddess of happiness.

Step 1

Practice yoga walking a day for half-hour on weekdays and a minimum of an hour on weekends. When the walk starts, move quickly (power walking), and by the top of the walk, graduate to moving slowly (slow walking). Make certain to undertake all the ten key elements whenever, as outlined within the following steps, to urge the foremost enjoy yoga walking.

Step 2

Stomp your anger into the bottom while you walk. Let loose all the pent-up anger. Think the mantra “Anger, Anger, Anger”.

  • What has annoyed you today? Don’t let it vex you any longer; free yourself from it!

Step 3

Feel your sadness. Resolve the emotions by walking out your sadness. Feel your sadness inside.

  • What causes you to sad today? Think several times, the mantra: “I’m sad because …”.

Step 4

Rotate your shoulders. Do that to get rid of any tension in your shoulders and your neck. Find the optimal way of moving your shoulders to realize the simplest effect.

Step 5

Rotate your spine. When walking, turn your spine to the proper, then to the left, several times. Do that gently, and switch your head together with your body.

Step 6

Allow a healing color to trickle through your body from head to foot. Think the name of the color as a mantra.

  • What color does one need now? “Orange, blue, gold, pink…”.

Step 7

Concentrate as you walk connected to the bottom. Feel the world beneath your feet. Think the mantra “Earth” and breathe for a moment into your feet.

Step 8

Move one hand and send someone a positive sentence. What does one want to mention to him or her today? Consider the phrase several times as a mantra.

  • Send light to the planet and think: “May all beings be happy. May the planet be happy.”

Step 9

Imagine the numbers 1 to twenty in your head, chest, abdomen, legs, feet, and into the bottom (beneath the feet). Do that a day, and you’ll quickly and effectively relieve tension that has built up altogether major areas of your body.

Step 10

Visualize a gorgeous sun within the sky and clothe yourself with a golden ray of sunshine. Fill yourself with light. Think of the word “Light” as a mantra, repeatedly over.

Step 11

Stop all thoughts. For five minutes while walking, move all the strain out of you, until your mind becomes calm. Rest a short time. Let all thoughts come and go as they please.

Step 12

Walk freely. Go whichever way you are feeling, you would like to. Enjoy it. Observe how your mind slowly becomes positive. You’re now back from your pilgrimage into the sunshine.

  • After each yoga walking session, realize that you simply have done something wonderful and caring for your physical health and for your mental well-being. Keep your happiness. The sunshine will accompany you through your whole day.


  • Then she got the thought to steer a day for half an hour. She decided upon a positive time for her and searched for an appropriate location. She bought comfortable clothes to wear, airy clothes for sunny days, and an umbrella and durable shoes for rainy days; light clothes for summer, and something warm for the winter. Then she started her daily walks.
  • A little tale about the virtue of yoga walking: There once was a lady who was constantly worried. She worried about everything. She worried about her children, her friends, about having enough money to measure on, and about her health. She wore herself out together with her cares and concerns. She was afraid that she could not control her fear, and feared that she won’t have enough inner strength within the end of the day to defeat the constant worrying thoughts.
  • Within the beginning, she found it very difficult to travel a day at a particular hour. But after about three months, she had become familiar with it and walking had become an integral a part of her life. She discovered that she had gained much inner strength. Her mind was positive, and her fears were lessened. Her health improved, and over the years, she became an enthusiastic devotee of yoga walking.


  • Never hand over. Your purpose in life is to be happy, healthy, and enlightened. Walk every life into a better level of sunshine. Become a Goddess, Buddha, Shiva at some point. If you’re liberated, then liberate all of your fellow people. Stay always on your yoga, rehearse all dimensions of life. May the planet be happy. May all people be happy.
How to Do Yoga Walking

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