How To Draft A Broker Listing Agreement

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A broker listing agreement is an agreement between a seller and a broker. Sellers hire brokers to seek out buyers. If the broker is successful, then he or she gets a commission, typically in the form of a percentage of the sale. A signed broker listing agreement explains both the seller’s and the broker’s duties and also grants the broker the facility to market and sell the property.

What is a listing Agreement?

A listing agreement may be a contract under which a landowner (as principal) authorizes a true estate broker (as agent) to seek out a buyer for the property on the owner’s terms, that service the owner pays a commission set forth within the agreement.

How an inventory Agreement Works

A listing agreement authorizes the broker to represent the vendor and their property to 3rd parties. The listing agreement is an employment agreement instead of a true estate contract: The broker is hired to represent the vendor , but no property is transferred between the 2 .

Under the provisions of land license laws, only a broker can act as an agent to list, sell, or rent another person’s land . In most states, listing agreements must be written.

Because an equivalent considerations arise in most land transactions, most listing agreements require similar information, starting with an outline of the property. the outline typically includes an inventory of private property which will be left with the property when it’s sold, also as an inventory of private property the vendor expects to get rid of (for example, appliances, and window treatments).

Beginning the Listing Agreement

Find samples. land may be a heavily regulated industry. If you belong to a realtor’s association, then there could also be a form you’ll use. Your association also probably requires that certain information be included in your broker listing agreement, so confirm you follow all rules.

Brokers also are regulated by the state, and your state law might require that certain information be included during a listing agreement. confirm to contact your state’s land commission to see . they’ll even have a form you’ll use as a guide.


This section of the contract is significant because it will give all the obligations and duties of the broker. This segment isn’t protected, and there are fewer requirements you’ll create of your broker, like generating an inventory sheet or putting your property on the multiple listing service.

Protection Clause

The protection clause guards the broker against a buyer or seller’s challenge to evade paying a commission after the contract’s ending date. If the customer or seller wants to vary brokers, confirm it’s included within the original agreement to avoid paying multiple commissions.

Giving the Broker Certain Authorizations

Give the broker the facility to advertise and sell. The broker probably must do many various things to sell the property. the vendor should explicitly authorize the broker to require certain actions to sell the property. For example:

  • The broker can place a “For Sale” check in the property and take away all other similar signs.
  • The broker can post information about the property on the web and advertise the property using appropriate means and methods, like taking color photographs.
  • The broker can obtain information about this mortgage.
  • The broker can obtain a key to the property and furnish keys to others as necessary to point out the Property.
  • The broker shall have access to the property for the aim of showing it to potential buyers at an inexpensive hour.

Finalizing the Agreement

Show your draft to an attorney. this text describes a basic broker listing agreement suitable for land . There are many various sorts of broker listing agreements. so as to completely understand what else might got to be in your agreement, you ought to meet with a professional attorney.

you’ll find an attorney by contacting your local or state bar association and posing for a referral.

How To Draft A Broker Listing Agreement

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