How to Earn Extra Income in India

Earning extra income in India can provide financial stability and help you achieve your financial goals.

Here are some ideas to consider for earning extra income.

Create a Blog

(Our Favorite Method to Earn Money Online. We have earned over $100k money with this method)

Create a blog is simple. You can maintain blog with low investment.

Here is step by step guide for how to create blog.

1 Create Domain : Choosing right domain name is very important part. First go to any hosting sites like Godaddy, namecheap and bluehost etc.

And create new domain with .com extension. You can also create with other extensions like .net or org etc but .com is better.

2 Buy Hosting : Then buy shared hosting plan. It’s very cheap. You can later move your site to VPS or Dedicated server if your site gets lots of traffic.

3 Install WordPress and plugins : Now install WordPress and required plugins on shared hosting. And point your domain to shared hosting.

4 Write Content : This step is very important. Choose right content. You must have good knowledge on content that you write.

Write some posts and publish.

5 Add Google analytics code and submit site to Google Search Console : After writing some posts, you must add google analytics code to your site to track visitors.

And also submit your site to google search console. You can know which pages are ranking, which keywords your pages ranking and other data.

6 Submit site to Google Adsense : If you successfully complete above steps, then submit your site to Google Adsense. If you get approved by Adsense, your earnings starts.

7 Again create content and Update old content : To increase income and traffic, you must create content and update old content frequently.

Here is detailed guide about How to Create blog.

Start YouTube Channel

This is our second best method to earn money online without any investment.

Create Youtube Channel to make money

Steps to earn money on YouTube

  • Create YouTube channel : Sign in to YouTube with Google account and click on create channel under profile picture icon. Name your channel and Confirm to create your channel.
  • Create Video : Then shoot a video by using your mobile or camera. After that edit and create video with Video Editing Tool.
  • Upload to YouTube : It’s time to upload video. You can upload video by clicking video icon and upload button in YouTube screen.
  • Repeat creating videos : Create number of videos and upload it YouTube.
  • Turn on monetization : After getting 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours, You can turn on monetization.
  • Link Adsense account : Now Create Adsense account and link it with YouTube. That’s it, now you can earn money based on your videos views and your earnings transferred to Adsense account monthly.

Ways to make money in the YouTube Partner Program (YPP)

  • Advertising revenue
  • Shopping
  • YouTube Premium revenue
  • Channel memberships
  • Super Chat & Super Stickers
  • Super Thanks

Each monetization method has different eligibility requirements.

YouTube partner program eligibility

Get minimum 1,000 subscribers with 4,000 public watch hours in the last 12 months. OR

Get minimum 1,000 subscribers with 10 million public Shorts views in the last 90 days.

Here is detailed guide about How to Create YouTube Channel.

Find Freelancing Work

How to Start freelancing

You can find any job you can imagine. You can find a variety of jobs that suit you. Just complete your profile and let them know your skill sets so they can match you to the right jobs.

Key Features:

  • Small jobs, large jobs, anything in between
  • Fixed price or hourly base projects
  • International and local jobs
  • Specific skills, price, and schedule requirements

How do I get started?

1. Complete your profile

First select your skills and expertise. Then upload a professional profile photo. Finally, go through the Verification Center checklist.

2. Browse jobs that suit your skills, price, expertise, and schedule

They have jobs available for all skills. Maximize your job opportunities by optimizing filters on your profile. Save your search and get alerted when relevant jobs are available.

3. Write your best bid

Write the best pitch possible. Read the project clearly and let the clients know you understand their work brief. And also tell them why you’re the best person among others for this job.

4. Get awarded and earn

Get ready to work once you get hired by the client. Deliver high quality work to clients and earn the agreed amount.

Top Freelancing Sites

These are the top and best Freelancing sites.

  • Upwork Inc.
  • Fiverr
  • Freelancer

Some other sites are PeoplePerHour, Toptal, 99designs, Dribbble, LinkedIn, and Behance etc

Here is detailed guide about How to Start Freelancing.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a marketing strategy to earn a commission by promoting other people products or services.

Affiliate promote advertiser link to their audience and if any visitor made a sale or lead through unique referral link, affiliate make money.

Steps to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing

Before sign up to any affiliate program, you must have website or blog or YouTube channel or any other social networking page with lot of audience.

Sign Up

First sign up to any affiliate program with your website or blog details. Choosing right affiliate marketing is very important step.


After sign up, choose best products related to your website or blog. Then add unique referral link to your web page.


That’s it. When any visitor click the referral link and made a sale or lead, you will get commission.

Best Affiliate Marketing Companies

  • Clickbank
  • ShareASale
  • CJ Affiliate
  • Amazon

Here is detailed post about Affiliate Marketing For Beginners.

Buy and sell domain names

Buy and sell domain names

Domain flipping is the practice of buying and selling domain names for a huge profit. This strategy involves researching web and buying low-cost domain names, and then reselling them for a higher price.
Means, identify domains with high potential value and sell them to buyers who need them.

Below we providing best sites to buy and sell domains.

Best Sites to Buy Domains

  • Namecheap
  • GoDaddy Inc
  • Bluehost
  • HostGator
  • Hover
  • Flippa

Best Sites to Sell Domains

  • Godaddy Auction
  • Sedo Domain Marketplace
  • Flippa Domain Marketplace
  • Afternic
  • NameCheap Marketplace
  • eBay Marketplace
  • NamePros Forum
  • SnapNames

Here is detailed guide about Buy and sell domain names.

Write and Publish an eBook

How To Write and Publish an eBook

If you are a good writer, then write a eBook and make money by selling it online.

eBooks are not just for lead magnets but make a great source of passive income that can help you to earn money in the long term.

There are many sites available to sell eBooks online.

Best sites to sell eBook online

  • Amazon
  • Fiverr
  • Kobo
  • Barnes & Noble
  • Lulu
  • Payhip
  • Kindle Direct Publishing
  • Feiyr
  • CreateSpace
  • Apple

Here is detailed guide about Write and Publish an eBook.

Sell Your Photography

Selling Your Photos

You can easily earn some extra income if you know the right places to sell your photos online. Photographers of various skill levels are in high demand for their work, now more than ever.

Now days everyone (Small & big size companies, graphic designers, and bloggers etc) buy and use photos regularly online.

Best Site to Sell Photos Online

  • Shutterstock
  • Alamy
  • Fine Art America
  • Dreamstime
  • 500px
  • eBay
  • Søciety6
  • Depositphotos
  • Artfinder

Here is detailed guide about How To Sell Photos Online.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

How to earn money online without investment

You can earn money without investment with below methods.
Start YouTube Channel
Find Freelancing Work
Write and Publish an eBook
Sell Your Art and Photography

How can I earn 1000 rs a day online?

You can earn above 1000 rs per day with following methods.
Create a Blog
Start YouTube Channel
Find Freelancing Work
Affiliate Marketing
Buy and sell domain names
Write and Publish an eBook
Sell Your Art and Photography

Is online earning real?

Yes, Online earning is real. But you need to double check before entering into any online money earning program.

Which is best earning site?

Upwork Inc.
Amazon affiliate
Google AdSense

How to earn money from Google?

You can earn money with Google AdSense if you have website or blog or YouTube channel.

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