How to Edit an MP3 File

MP3 is an audio encoding format used as a typical for digital audio compression and is that the most common file format for playback and storage on consumer digital audio devices. MP3 files can easily be edited using audio editing software to accomplish tasks like encoding or decoding, making mixtapes, shortening or fading out a song, and volume normalization. Read on after the jump to get the method of using audio editing software on your platform of option to edit an MP3 file.

Tutorials on Editing MP3 Files in Windows and Mac


To get started, you would like to make sure the Filmora Video Editor is installed on your PC or Mac, and therefore the MP3 file is additionally stored within the local disk for editing. Then, launch the program and directly choose “New Project” to open the editing panel.

Then, you’ll click “Import” choice to import MP3 files from your computer to the album of the MP3 audio editor. Or directly drag the MP3 files from the pc into the pc .

After that, the MP3 files are going to be arranged within the media library and you’ll drag and drop it to the timeline for editing.

How to Edit MP3 Length Easily?

Filmora Video Editor provide users with two alternative ways to shorten an MP3 length. you’ll choose one among them to edit MP3 length as you like:

  • If you would like to trim a MP3 clip to a selected length, click the audio clip, mouser over its left or right edge to point out the “double arrow” indicator, then drag it to any length you would like .
  • to separate or cut MP3 clip, you would like to pick it by clicking, drag the highest of the red Time Indicator to any position of your choice, then click the scissor-like button. To delete the unwanted MP3 parts, you only right click it and choose the “Delete” option.

You can view all the editing effect in real time as long as you press the Play button in Preview window. If you are not satisfied with the editing effect, just do it again.

How to Increase/Decrease MP3 Volume?

Select your required audio clip on Timeline then click Edit button to open the editing panel, where you’ll increase volume, decrease volume, add effects like Fade in & out, and Pitch to your MP3 files.

How to Customize the Sound Effects As You Like?

If you would like to vary the default effect , you’ll locate the choice of “Equalizer” and alter the effect as you wish . the choices including Default, Pop, Rock’ n’ Roll, Soft, Classic, Low Bass, Sparkle, Ska, etc.

What’s more, you’ll also click on the “Customize” button to try to to the advanced settings. then , click “OK” button to save lots of of these changes.

If you would like , you’ll also use this program to feature an album cover to the MP3 file. The detailed steps are written in another post, if you’re curious about it, please click the link for further reading.

Export the New MP3 File

When you have finished editing the MP3 file, click the “Export” button to export your masterpiece. At this point , you’ve got fivedifferent options: Format, Device, YouTube, Vimeo and DVD.

Select the output way consistent with your own needs, and click on “Export” button to start out the transferring process.

How to Edit an MP3 File

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