How To File A Complaint Against A Bank

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It are often frustrating when a US bank or other financial organization makes an error or doesn’t treat you fairly, especially if you do not know where to direct your complaint to correct things . Generally, it is a good idea to undertake to unravel the matter internally if in the least possible. However, if the bank isn’t willing or ready to resolve your issue to your satisfaction, you’ll escalate things by submitting a complaint to the govt agency that regulates that bank.

Working with Customer Service

Gather documents associated with your problem. If you’ve got a drag with fees you were charged or the way a specific transaction was handled, gather copies of your statement, receipts, or other documents which will potentially prove your point. you’ll got to show these to someone at the bank.

Make copies of any documents you propose to share with the bank – don’t hand over your originals.

Call the bank’s toll-free customer service number

All banks have a toll-free customer service number you’ll call to resolve issues. Most of them have operators available 24-7. For general problems or complaints about the way the bank handled a specific transaction, you’ll be ready to get your problem resolved just by calling this number.

  • Before you call, organize your information so you’ll ask it quickly if asked. Have a bit of paper and pen or pencil handy also , so you’ll take down information like the date and time of the decision and therefore the name of the person you spoke to.
  • If the primary person you ask claims they can not assist you or that the bank didn’t handle your situation incorrectly, do not be afraid to ask to talk to their supervisor. Keep moving up the chain, if necessary, until you’re satisfied that you’ve got gotten all you most likely can out of the bank.

Complaining to a regulatory authority

Get together the knowledge and documentation to support your complaint. Regulatory agencies typically expect you to document any claims you create in your complaint. Supporting documents also help the regulatory authority assess your situation and process your complaint more quickly.

Make copies of any documents you propose to send to the regulatory authority . Don’t send originals, because they’ll not be returned.

Use the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC)

If you’ve got a complaint a few commercial bank . If your complaint relates to a commercial bank (one that has the word “National” or the abbreviation “N.A.” in its name), a federal savings and loan, or a federal savings bank, the OCC regulates that bank on a federal level. To file a complaint with the OCC, attend From this page, you’ll either submit a web complaint or download the complaint form.

  • confirm you’ve got all the knowledge and documents you would like handy before you start filling out the web complaint form. you simply have half-hour to finish it or your session will outing and you will need to start over.
  • If you do not feel comfortable submitting your complaint online or need longer to finish the shape , you’ll print off a replica , complete it, and mail it to Comptroller of the Currency, Customer Assistance Group, 1301 McKinney Street, Suite 3450, Houston, TX 77010.

Banks details

Select the account category from the dropdown list. Enter the applicable checking account details, ATM/credit/debit card details. Enter the disputed amount, compensation amount involved and then , in ‘complaint comments section’ mention details of the bank/person against which you would like to lodge the complaint. Once you complete the method , ‘click on next’.

Submitting a Complaint to the CFPB

Visit the CFPB website. The CFPB website at includes information and resources that you simply can use to raised understand your rights as a consumer. If your complaint against the bank involves a loan product, the CFPB will evaluate the knowledge and assist you find a resolution.

  • If you’re curious about learning more about the topic of your complaint or your rights under federal law, click the “Consumer Tools” tab on the website’s homepage.
  • If you only want to travel straight to filing your complaint, click the blue link within the top-right corner of the homepage that says “Submit a Complaint.”
  • Fill out the complaint form on the web site . After you click the link to start out your complaint, you will be asked a series of questions on the difficulty you’re having. Initially, you will be asked to categorize your complaint by identifying the merchandise or service your complaint involves from an inventory .
  • If the difficulty you’re having doesn’t clearly relate to any of the categories listed, the CFPB cannot assist you together with your complaint.
  • once you file your complaint, you’ll create an account at the CFPB website. you’ll log in to the present account again if you’ve got a special complaint within the future. you’ll also use this account to watch the status of your complaint after you submit it.

Provide feedback about the company’s response

you will get an email from the CFPB when the bank has skilled your complaint. you’ll log back to your CFPB account to reply thereto response and let the corporate know whether you are feeling your issue was resolved.

you’ve got 60 days from the date the bank responds to supply feedback, so you do not need to roll in the hay immediately. If the bank has promised to return money to you, wait until you’ve got the cash before you submit feedback.


  • this text discusses filing a complaint against a US bank. If you’ve got a problem with a bank during a different country, contact the national regulatory agency or ask an area attorney who focuses on consumer rights.
How To File A Complaint Against A Bank

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