How To Fill Out A Money Order

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Money orders are safer than checks because they can not “bounce” or overdraw the purchaser’s checking account. This will teach you ways to fill one out.

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Filling Out the essential Parts of a postal order

Fill within the “Pay to the Order Of” line immediately. this is often where you write the name of the person or business the cash Order goes to.

  • Write the name of the person or business legibly.
  • Use blue or black ink pen to fill out the shape .
  • confirm you’ve got the right spelling of the person or business.

Include your address within the purchaser section

Fill in your address where the cash order asks for the purchaser’s address. There could also be a second address field where you’ll fill within the address of the person or business you’re paying or sending money to.

Write the account or order number within the memo field

A memo line allows you to notice what the cash order is designated for. for instance , you’ll specify that it’s to get a selected item or pay off a specific debt. If you’ve got an account or order number from the payee, this is often where to incorporate it. This field may additionally be titled “payment for” or “account number.”

Keep your receipt

Either your postal order will have a carbon underneath or some attached to detach and keep for your records.

  • If your postal order gets lost or the recipient denies receiving it, the receipt can assist you troubleshoot these problems.
  • This receipt should have a tracking number to see on the status should problems arise.
  • Without the receipt or tracking number you’ll be unable to verify the cash order was received or to get a refund if it’s lost.


  • Always use a pen when filling out money orders.
  • Ask the corporate to which you’re paying the cash order and ask them how they might wish to be addressed on the cash order.
  • Be very careful and discreet when carrying an outsized sum of cash to get a postal order .
  • A blank postal order is that the same as cash. Fill it out directly . If it’s lost or stolen, you’re out of your money.
How To Fill Out A Money Order

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