How To Fill Out A Moneygram Money Order

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A Moneygram postal order must be filled out correctly to make sure that the payment is accepted and processed with none of complications. This wikiHow will teach you ways to properly fill out a Moneygram postal order .

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Acquiring a MoneyGram postal order

Locate a MoneyGram branch. If you don’t know where to seek out one in your area, you’ll use the search option on the company’s website. Just enter your address and check the box that matches your service must find a branch which will offer you what you would like . counting on why you would like your postal order , you ought to check either “Send Money” or “Pay a Bill.”

  • The website will provide you with an inventory of MoneyGram locations nearby. You’ll see the situation on a map or maybe follow the directions the web site provides to succeed in your nearest MoneyGram branch.

Write your address within the purchaser section

You’re the purchaser, so your information goes during this section. you’ll be wanting the recipient to understand the way to contact you if there are questions or issues with the payment. Sometimes your full name is additionally required.

Filling out a MoneyGram postal order

Fill out the cash order as soon as you buy it. Once you’ve purchased the cash order, it’s nearly as good as cash. If you allow the fields blank, then lose the cash order, anyone who picks it up can make it bent him or herself and keep your money. to stop this, confirm to fill out the shape immediately upon purchase.

Sending a postal order Online

Enter your basic postal order information on the MoneyGram website. the primary screen will show two drop-down menus and a text field. From the primary menu , labeled “Send To,” select the country during which the recipient are going to be receiving and processing the cash order. Under “Receive Option,” choose “Pick Up Any Agent – USD.” within the third field, labeled “Amount,” enter the quantity to be paid to the recipient. albeit you’re sending a good dollar amount, like $25, include a decimal and two zeroes to point that no cents should be paid: 25.00.


  • If you would like to incorporate an account number, apartment number, or other reference on your Moneygram postal order , write the knowledge above your address or next to your signature. this may prevent any complications from arising should the knowledge be confused with the name of the payee.
  • Fill out a Moneygram claim card as soon as possible if you experience a drag together with your postal order , like it becoming lost, stolen, or damaged, or if you would like a replacement postal order or photocopy. Replacements and refunds can only be issued if a postal order has not been cashed by the payee.
  • Verify that your Moneygram postal order is authentic by checking to form sure that the Moneygram logo is visible on the rear side of the check when held at an angle, or by calling Moneygram directly at 1-800-542-3590.
  • For the simplest results, use a ballpoint with blue or black ink in the least times when filling out a Moneygram postal order . this will prevent the knowledge you wrote on the cash order from becoming faded, erased, or smeared.


  • Purchase Moneygram money orders directly from Moneygram only, or from reputable retail locations that are licensed to sell Moneygram money orders. Purchasing money orders from individuals on the road or from other suspicious parties could end in the acquisition of a counterfeit item.
  • you’ll not have the power to vary the name of the payee after you’ve got filled out the road labeled “Pay to the Order of.” If you create an error while filling out your postal order , you’ll be required to fill out a claim card with Moneygram, and pay a 15-dollar fee to possess your entire postal order refunded.
How To Fill Out A Moneygram Money Order

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