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Financial institutions worldwide can be identified by unique BIC codes (which are interchangeable with SWIFT codes) for use during international transactions. If, for instance, money is being transferred to your account from another country, the sender will need your bank’s 8 or 11 character BIC code. you can search online for BIC codes worldwide, or contact your financial institution if you need to find your own bank’s BIC code.

Searching for BIC Codes Online

Use your favorite program to seem up a bank’s BIC code

If you enter the bank’s name, the country it’s located in, the town it’s based in (if possible), and therefore the phrase “BIC code” into an enquiry string, you’ll almost certainly find yourself with several results that provide the code.

  • as an example , a Google look for “PNC Bank Pittsburgh USA BIC code” gives numerous results with the right code of PNCCUS33 for PNC Bank, N.A., based in Pittsburgh, PA, U.S.A.

Identify the BIC code within the previews of your search results

you almost certainly won’t even need to click on any links — the webpage summaries will usually mention and list either the BIC or SWIFT code. albeit it just mentions a SWIFT code, the 2 codes are interchangeable.

A BIC code are going to be either 8 or 11 characters long

  • They always start with 6 letters, then a mixture of letters and/or numbers for subsequent 2 or 5 characters.
  • PNCCUS33 and PNCCUS33XXX are interchangeable, because “XXX” is simply a placeholder anytime it’s at the top of a BIC code.

Use a BIC code locator website instead

There are several websites, like, that enable you to look for a BIC code if you recognize the bank’s name and site (nation and, if possible, city). Alternatively, you’ll scroll through alphabetical lists of banks by country to seek out a BIC code at

  • for instance , both of the above websites give the BIC code for Bank of China’s U.K. operations as BKCHGB2L.

Checking Your Account or Contacting Your Bank

Look over your statement

If you get a paper or digital statement monthly , it’s going to contain the BIC code somewhere within the fine print. search for “BIC” or “SWIFT” — which, remember, are interchangeable — followed by a string of 8 or 11 characters.

  • BIC and SWIFT codes are assigned by 2 different organizations that have agreed to one standard, meaning that BIC codes and SWIFT codes are essentially one and therefore the same.

Log into your online banking account

With enough clicking around, you ought to be ready to hunt the BIC code for your bank. as an example , if you’ve got an account with PNC Bank, N.A. (U.S.A.):

  • Log into your account together with your username and password.
  • Click on one among your accounts (e.g., “Interest Checking”).
  • Click on “Show Account and Routing Numbers,” and re-enter your password.
  • Click on “For Wire Transfers” and obtain the code PNCCUS33.

Recognizing and Using BIC Codes

confirm the code is either 8 or 11 characters long Every BIC code within the world fits one among these two formats, as does every synonymous SWIFT code. Some 8-character codes will use “XXX” as placeholders at the end; as an example , you would possibly see the code for PNC Bank, N.A. (U.S.A.) presented as either of these:

  • PNCCUS33

Identity the components of BIC codes. Every BIC code is weakened into 3 or 4 sections, either “AAAABBCC” or “AAAABBCCDDD”:

  • “AAAA” is that the bank code, and is usually a string of 4 letters (no numbers).
  • “BB” is that the country code, which is additionally all letters without numbers.
  • “CC” is that the location code, and may be letters, numbers, or both.
  • “DDD” are often letters and/or numbers and is that the optional branch code, if it is not the house office (in which case it’ll be excluded or represented as “XXX”).
  • for instance , the BIC code for the Manchester (U.K.) branch of the Bank of Baroda is BARBGB2LMAN — that’s to mention , BARB + GB + 2L + MAN


  • While it’s less likely that you’re going to know a BIC code without information on the bank it belongs to, an equivalent sorts of search tools can assist you call at this case also . A Google look for “PNCCUS33” brings up results for PNC Bank (U.S.), and entering “BKCHGB2L” at gives you info on Bank of China (U.K.).
How To Find A BIC Code

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