How To Find Information On A Business That No Longer Exists

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Each day businesses begin , close, are sold, or change for a few other reasons. You’ll got to find information on a defunct company to verify your employment history, for tax purposes, or a variety of other reasons. The way to search for business information? There are several possible strategies.

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Check Official Library of Congress References

Begin your search by heading to the Library of Congress website. this is often a catalog of over 17 million records for books, maps, images, electronic recordings and more. There are several ways to use the Library of Congress resources both online and face to face . Online, you’ll search through the business reference services guide, which incorporates resources on industry, commerce, banking, insurance, investment and more.

Look Through Community Business Records

If you’re checking out old businesses that don’t exist anymore, you’re likely to seek out some records of them at your local county office. Businesses are often required to register their name or acquire a business license from their local county office. By contacting the county, you’ll learn more about the business that has closed and therefore the people involved.

Researching a corporation You Worked For

Locate former contacts

  • Search social media. Sites like LinkedIn may have contact information on the corporate , also as your former managers and coworkers.
  • Attend networking meetings in your former industry. You’ll meet former colleagues or friends of theirs who can assist you contact them.
  • Contact your university’s alumni association for colleagues who graduated from your school.

Researching Older Stocks

Contact your state historical society.

Many historical societies have information on businesses that operated therein state. you’ll find an inventory of state historical societies within the Preservation Directory.


  • Please note that the knowledge provided during this article is for educational purposes only and doesn’t constitute legal advice.
  • If you would like to pursue any action against a corporation , please contact the acceptable attorney or legal advisor before proceeding.
How To Find Information On A Business That No Longer Exists

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