How To Find The Routing Number Without A Check

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When you’re fixing direct deposit or automatic bill payments, you will need your bank account’s routing number. If you do not have a check handy, you will need to seem elsewhere for this handy 9-digit number. Have your money sent to the proper bank by knowing the way to find a routing number through an online search or by contacting your bank.

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What Is A Routing Number?

Your checking account number is merely a part of the story when it involves getting money from your account. once you send a check, the bank cashing the check must know which institution to draw the cash from. At rock bottom of your check may be a routing number that acts because the address for your bank. thereupon routing number, anyone can tell which bank holds your account.

Online Banking

If you manage your bank account through online banking either on a computer or through a mobile app, then the routing number for your account are going to be found within the account information section. It’s always good to register for online access to your account so you’ll monitor your account and make changes instantly.

Finding a Routing Number on Your Online Account

Type the name of your bank into an enquiry engine. confine mind that some banks have branches in other countries. The us is that the only country that uses routing numbers assigned by the American Bankers Association, so make certain you select the U.S. site for your bank.

  • If you recognize your bank’s web address, you’ll type it directly into your search bar to go to its homepage.

Contacting Your Bank

Visit your local bank branch if you do not feel comfortable giving information over the phone. Search online to seek out the situation of the closest branch, and make note of its business hours. Banks close on national holidays and should not be open on Sundays.

  • Routing numbers are public information, so you’ll not need any identification. However, to make sure you’re receiving the proper routing number, have your open-end credit on you so a teller can verify your state.


  • If your name isn’t on the account, contact someone whose is and ask which bank the account belongs to and therefore the state where they opened the account.
  • Routing numbers change from time to time. If you discover a routing number on an old statement or unofficial financial website, verify that it’s up so far .
  • It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for a routing number for a checking or bank account . As long as you opened them with an equivalent bank within the same state, they’re going to be an equivalent .
  • Some banks ask routing numbers as “ABA numbers” or “routing transit numbers,” but all of the terms mean an equivalent thing.
How To Find The Routing Number Without A Check

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