How To Fix Mistakes Made When Writing Checks

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If you’ve made a mistake when writing a check, it’s usually the safest just to void the check and start a replacement one. If this is not an option or your mistake is fixable, draw a neat line through your mistake and write the correction right above it. Initial your correction to assist authenticate it. If you are not sure whether your check are going to be accepted after you’ve corrected it, ask your bank before trying to submit it.

The written amount doesn’t match the numeric amount.

For instance, an individual may complete an ask the written amount together hundred dollars, but the numeric amount is merely $10.00. Almost daily, we return checks for this reason. In cases like this, the bank has the choice of accepting the check for less than the written amount, contacting the customer to authorize a change, or returning the check.

It’s not dated, or the date is incorrect.

Some customers simply neglect so far their checks. Others supply the incorrect date (post- or stale-dated) both intentionally and unintentionally. When postdating your check, make an attempt to tell the payee of it. Checks with no date, future dates, or those dated a particular number of days within the past are going to be returned.

The check isn’t signed.

Surprisingly enough, many of us will complete every other portion of their check then forget to sign it. These are returned instantly.

Voiding a Check

Use an article utensil that can’t be erased. This includes black and blue pens or a permanent marker. Avoid using pencil, as someone could easily erase your writing and check out to use the check.

Record the voided sign-up your register

Write the check number in your register, and write a little note next thereto about why you voided the check. This may assist you account for the check afterward.

  • For instance, you would possibly write in your register that it had been checked #104 and was voided because the incorrect amount was written on the check.

Write a replacement check using subsequent sign up your book

Take some time writing the check to make certain you don’t make any mistakes. Include all the right information and record it in your register before handing it over.

  • Double-check to form sure the numerical amount within the payment amount box matches the quantity you wrote to call at words.


  • Always use blue or black ink when writing a check.
  • If you are feeling that your check is illegible in any way, you ought to void it and start again. Print the knowledge, except the signature, within the neatest possible manner.
  • If you made an error in pen, don’t scribble! Try turning it into another letter or number before marking up your check.
How To Fix Mistakes Made When Writing Checks

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