How to Flatten Your Abs with Yoga

Here you can get information about How to Flatten Your Abs with Yoga. There are a variety of yoga poses which will build core strength and arrange your belly. These poses which will help strengthen your abdominal muscles, burn fat, and improve digestion to reduce bloating.

Yoga is an ancient practice which will assist you relieve stress and keep you energized and focused throughout your day. You do not need to be the most accomplished yogi to use yoga to remain healthy – just grab a mat and commit a couple of minutes each day to your practice. Over time, you’ll notice your muscles are stronger, and your body works more smoothly.

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The ‘mountain pose’ is one among the simplest asanas in yoga and is taken into account particularly beneficial for those that are 60 years and above in age. Essentially meant to correct bad posture by working your abs, back, legs and core, this pose helps you:

  • Improve your blood circulation
  • Relieve stress
  • Work on your stability and mobility
  • Enhance the functioning of the gastrointestinal system
  • Improve your posture once you stand or sit

Baddha Konasana

The butterfly pose, as we all realize it, may be a good way to interact your groin area, which is typically a stiff and ignored a part of the body. Ideally meant to be done early within the morning on an empty stomach, the Baddha Konasana helps:

  • Stimulate your bladder
  • Manage kidney problems
  • Improve the functioning of your gastrointestinal system
  • affect the menopause process
  • Relieve fatigue


A pose that resembles the rising head of a cobra, Bhujangasana is best known for its ability to interact the lower back, shoulders and chest. Individuals with spine injuries, back problems or lower back pain should ideally practice this asana every single morning. Bhujangasana helps you:

  • Affect lower back stiffness
  • Address spinal pain
  • Relieve pressure from the shoulders and chest
  • Stretch and have interaction to the abdomen
  • Improve flexibility
  • Get obviate hunching problems


Amongst the foremost popular and easiest of yogic asanas is that of the Shavasana. Meant to be done at the top of each yoga session (or workout), this posture involves lying down on your back and breathing uniformly, while relaxing every muscle in your body. Shavasana helps:

  • Cure insomnia (a common problem during old age)
  • affect constipation
  • Improve concentration levels
  • Ease stress and anxiety
  • Improve psychological state
  • Rejuvenate your body

While there are several other asanas in yoga which will improve your overall health or target specific groups of muscles and joints in your body, those mentioned above are ideally recommended for seniors. Another popular yoga postures include the likes of Vajrasana, Virabhadrasana, Trikonasana, Vrikshasana, Paschimottanasana, Balasana, Ardha Pavanamuktasana and Setu Bandhasana. It is important that you simply, simply, only practice those asanas that you are comfortable with. If you discover it difficult to hold out any such exercises in reception, it’s best that you simply visit a doctor and discuss what set of poses and asanas is right for your body.

Tree Pose

This pose will have your abdominals working overtime to assist you stay grounded on one leg.

Shift your weight onto your left leg. Draw your right knee into your chest, grab your ankle, and press rock bottom of your right foot onto your left thigh. If you are feeling wobbly, keep your hand on your ankle while it’s pressed into your thigh. If you’re finding your balance really easily, press your palms together ahead of your chest. Brace your abdominal in tight to your spine, ensuring you’ll still breathe easily. Find a focus and focus your gaze while you hold the pose for 10 long, deep breaths. Repeat on the opposite leg.

Warrior Lunge Twist

Not only will your abdominal assist you to stabilize during this posture, but the twisting motion fully engages those hard-to-tone obliques, too.

Bring your hands into prayer pose. Lunge forward together with your left leg and bend your knee about 90 degrees, keeping your back leg straight. Brace your abs in tight to your spine and rotate your upper body to the left. Keep your spine long as you lean over your left leg and press your right elbow into the surface of your left leg. Turn your head to seem up toward the ceiling over your left shoulder. Hold for 10 long, deep breaths, then untwist and return to standing. Repeat on the opposite side.

If you’ve got trouble maintaining your balance, focus your eyes straight ahead rather than looking up to the ceiling.

Rock ‘n Roll Lotus

This fun and functional move strengthens your core by using it to assist you ‘stop’ your body (much love it does in everyday life).

Sit together with your legs crossed at the ankles. Hold onto the surface of every ankle together with your opposite hand, and lift your legs off the ground, balancing on your sitting bones. Pull your abs into your spine and take a deep breath in. As you exhale, begin to round onto your back. Continue rolling until your shoulder blades touch the ground, lifting your hips, still holding onto your ankles. Keeping your abs in tight, rock copy to sitting, finding your balance again on your sitting bones. That’s one rep. Repeat 10 times.

Imagine you’re using your abs as brakes to assist you stop at the highest and bottom of the rocking motion.

Downward Dog Variation

This version of downward dog keeps your abs firing both during the hold and through the transition.

Begin in downward facing dog. Extend your left leg up to the ceiling, pointing your toes. Shift your weight forward and start to lower your hips into a plank pose but rather than putting your left toes down, bend your left knee into your chest, lifting your abs into your spine during the whole movement. Press your hips copy and extend your left leg behind you as you come back to downward facing dog. Repeat 10 times with the left leg, 10 with the proper.

If this is often too challenging, practice the transition from downward dog to plank pose until you are feeling able to add the leg movement.

Warrior III

This posture is another major balance challenge that keeps your core engaged the whole time.

Shift your weight into your right foot. Hug your left shin into your chest, then extend it straight back behind you, so it’s parallel to the bottom. Flex your left foot and point the toes down. Bring your fingertips to the bottom to stabilize yourself if you would like to. Reach your arms call at the front of you, so your body is during a line from your fingertips all the way down your back and out through your left heel. Stay here for 3 long, deep breaths, then slowly return to standing. Repeat on the opposite side.

Bend your bottom knee if you would like to take care of your balance, and workout to completely extending your supporting leg.’

Camel Hinge

This active pose engages your abs, thighs, and back.

Kneel on the ground together with your knees hip-width apart, toes tucked under. Extend your arms out straight ahead of your chest, palms facing down. Lift your chest and press your pelvis forward as you hinge backwards, arching slightly through your lower back. Pause and focus on opening up your chest, while also keeping your rib cage down and your belly button drawn into your spine. Slowly return to the starting position. That’s one rep. Repeat up to 10 times.

Bridge with Leg Sweep

This amped-up bridge pose sculpts your butt and hamstrings while also using your abdominal as stabilizers to assist control the motion of your leg.

Lie on your back with knees bent, feet flat on the ground. Extend your arms by your sides, palms facing down. Brace your abs in tight and press through your heels to bridge your hips off the ground. Keeping your hips lifted and square, extend your left leg up to the ceiling, foot flexed. Sweep your left leg to the proper, passing the midline of your body, then sweep back bent to the left, slightly past your left hip. That’s one rep. Repeat 10 times (back and forth) with the left leg, then switch legs and repeat 10 more times before lowering out of bridge.

Try to not let your hips drop as you progress your leg back and forth, using your abs and your glutes to stay your pelvis lifted and square. Small, controlled movement is better than big movements with poor form.

Extended Boat Pose

Build core strength and endurance with this challenging, but very effective, pose.

Sit on your hips with both legs extended ahead of you. Place your hands behind your hips and keep your back long as you recline slightly and lift your legs off the ground, holding your belly in and up the whole time. Reach both arms bent, the edges of your thighs. Lower your legs about 45 degrees, until your body resembles a good ‘V’. Hold this position for 10 long, deep breaths (or up to 60 seconds).

Too tough? Make it easier by bending your knees 90 degrees, so your shins are parallel to the bottom.

How to Flatten Your Abs with Yoga

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