How To Form A Public Limited Company

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A public Ltd. (PLC) may be a corporate entity recognized within the UK and other Commonwealth countries. A PLC may be a separate entity from its owners, so if you form a PLC you’ve got limited financial responsibility for the company’s debts. Unlike private limited companies, a public Ltd. can sell shares to the overall public, typically on a stock market .

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Limited Liability

The liability of every shareholder is restricted . In simple words, a shareholder of a public Ltd. isn’t personally liable for any loss or debts of the corporate for any amount greater than the quantity invested by them; contrary to partnerships and sole proprietorships, where the partners and business owners are jointly and severally responsible for the debts of the business.

However, this characteristic of a public Ltd. doesn’t offer immunity to the shareholders. The shareholders are going to be held liable for their own illegal actions.

Paid-up Capital

A public Ltd. is required to possess a minimum paid-up capital of Rs 5 lakh or such a better amount as prescribed under the act.


A prospectus may be a comprehensive statement of the affairs of the corporate issued by a public Ltd. for its public and there’s a requirement under the Act for public limited companies to issue a prospectus. However, there are not any such provisions for personal Limited Companies. this is often because private limited companies cannot invite the general public to subscribe their shares.

Paying Taxes and social insurance

File company tax returns. once you register to pay Corporation tax, HMRC will provide you with the deadline for filing your company tax returns. you’ll also receive a notice before your returns are due.

  • You’ll hire an accountant to organize and file your income tax return for you if you are not comfortable doing it yourself.
  • Generally, income tax return s must be filed within 12 months of the top of the accounting period covered by the tax return. Any taxes owed must be paid within 9 months and 1 day of the top of an equivalent accounting period.
  • You want to file a income tax return albeit you didn’t earn any profits, or do not have to pay any taxes for that tax period.


  • Forming a PLC gives you the proper to sell shares of your company to the public , but it doesn’t suggest you’ve got to be listed on a stock market , like the London stock market . Your company must meet additional requirements to trade shares on a stock market .
  • If your company is already registered as a personal Ltd. and you would like to re-register it as a public Ltd. , file the RR01 form with Companies House. You’ll download the shape at
  • Most of the time, you’ve got the choice of registering for Corporation tax and PAYE at an equivalent time you register your company with Companies House. This streamlines the registration process for you.


This text primarily covers the method for forming a public Ltd. within the UK. the method could also be slightly different in Commonwealth countries.

How To Form A Public Limited Company

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