How To Get A Career As An Accountant

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Becoming an accountant requires a degree and knowledge . With an accounting degree, you’ll prefer to work for personal individuals, companies or the govt . Accountants and auditors are required to pass difficult certification tests that specialize in accounting skills, ethics and law. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics expects the demand for accountants to grow at a rate of 16 percent within the next decade. Within the primary 5 years of deciding to earn a degree, you’ll choose the work you’d like, earn knowledgeable certification and start building a client base. Determine the way to get a career as an accountant.

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Obtain a baccalaureate in accounting

Become Accountant

You’ll also prefer to pursue finance if you’ve got a desire to figure as a licensed management accountant.

If you would like to become an auditor, choose several elective auditing classes while you’re still in class . Auditing is 1 of the favored career paths you’ll take, but the main target differs from that of public accounting or management accounting.

Complete accounting internships while in class

Accountant skills

Work experience during a firm will offer you the chance to make sure that you simply want to pursue an accounting career. Most firms require an entry-level candidate to possess some experience within the accounting environment before being hired.

Some companies can require a year or more of experience, so you’ll consider several internships or 1 that’s long-term to be highly competitive within the job market.

Take the certification exam

you’ll got to contact the acceptable professional national authority to require a consistent certification exam. The certification are going to be different depending upon your career path.

  • Contact the Institute of Certified Public Accountants to require the CPA exam. Contact the Institute of auditor s to require the Certified Internal Auditor exam. Contact the Institute of Management Accountants to use for the Certified Management Accounting credential. There are additional certifications that you simply can seek from other professional organizations; however, they’ll not be necessary to start out practicing accounting.
  • Most exams happen in 4 parts over the course of a month. You’ll also enroll in exam prep courses to review for the test after you complete your baccalaureate .

Consider starting your own practice

If you’ve got successfully grown your accounting practice, you’ll prefer to either start your own firm or become a consultant. Consultancy can allow you to make a more flexible schedule or add an accounting specialty of your choice.


  • The accounting field is seeing an increase within the number of CPA who run home offices. This is often a career option if you would like to possess the pliability to figure from home and choose your schedule. However, it’s going to be an honest idea to figure during a firm for a variety of years before performing from home.
How To Get A Career As An Accountant

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