How To Get A Certified Check

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If you need to make a large or important purchase, you’ll be asked to use a licensed check. Certified checks enable the person you’re paying (the payee) to ensure that you simply have already got the cash you owe them in your checking account. While getting a check certified requires a touch of coordination, the method is sort of simple. You only got to do a touch planning, visit your bank, and follow up to verify that your certified check was received.

What Are Certified Checks?

A certified check may be a check written by an account holder and guaranteed by the bank. This suggests that you simply write a check almost as normal, but the bank certifies it and freezes the check amount in your account. That way, the check won’t bounce whenever it’s deposited. Certified checks function an alternate to non-public checks, which aren’t guaranteed.

The main advantage of using certified checks is that they supply guaranteed funds. The issuing bank or financial organization certifies that the sender has enough take advantage in their account to finish the transaction. The bank also will make sure that the check carries a real signature. Luckily, certified checks are usually pretty readily available at your local bank.

When to use a licensed check?

Certain sorts of transactions often require guaranteed funds. Some examples might include a margin for a replacement apartment or the primary month’s rent.

You might also need a licensed check to shop for a second hand car or for the deposit on a mortgage. In these cases, a typical personal check won’t be accepted, which is usually understandable.

After all, there’s no guarantee for the payee that a private checking account has enough money in it to hide the check. Employing a certified check doesn’t necessarily benefit the payer, although it can provide some advantages.

Instead, it provides a greater level of security for the payee (the recipient). In some cases, the transaction can’t move forward without payment via certified check or another sort of guaranteed funds, like a cashier’s check, postal order, or wire transfer.

Preparing to urge Your Check Certified

Ensure that you’ve got sufficient funds before you propose to write down the check. You can’t write a licensed check for a given amount unless you currently have sufficient funds in your account. Before a bank issues a licensed check, it’ll verify this information.

Say you currently have $1,000 in your account and need to write down a licensed check for $1,100. The bank won’t verify the check, albeit you’re scheduled to urge paid $3,000 during a few days.

Visiting a Bank for Certification

Make sure the bank stamps your check. After collecting your fee payment, the teller should stamp your ask rubber stamp. It should be visible on the front of your check.

File a “declaration of loss” report if necessary

If your payee doesn’t deposit the check within 90 days, you’ll contact your bank to file a “declaration of loss.” Talk together with your bank to debate the way to proceed because you’ll be ready to get the cash back.

If you trust the payee, and that they inform you that they lost the certified check, you’ll also get to report this to your bank before writing them a replacement check.


  • Always check for fee rates when opening an account at a bank or depository financial institution .
  • Get some quite receipt or written promise of service from your payee before giving them a licensed check.


  • confirm you would like to urge a licensed check and not a treasurer’s check .
  • Don’t write a licensed check for somebody who seems suspicious in any way.
  • watch out for online scams.
How To Get A Certified Check

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