How to Get a Checking Account if You’re Listed in Checks systems

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Checks Systems is a reporting agency that reports on activity related to checking, savings and other deposit accounts. If you have a history of writing bad checks, going into overdraft, or being charged NSF fees, you’ll find yourself with a record within the Check Systems database. This is often bad news because banks often use Checks Systems to ascertain if they ought to approve you for various bank accounts. Fortunately, there are options available.

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Obtaining a replica of Your Report

You can obtain a replica of your Checks Systems report by visiting its website and requesting one. The Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act entitles you to at least one report per annum.

This report will show the banks that have reported you to Checks Systems. There’ll be an inventory of accounts that are closed by the bank, also as any money you continue to owe. The account history will stay in your report for five years, but you’ll pay off outstanding balances owed to the banks. Once you are doing this, many banks may consider opening an account for you.

TD Ameritrade

TD Ameliorate doesn’t use Checks Systems to screen applicants, although opening an account is subject to a soft credit pull. But because it’s a brokerage, you’ll get to open an account before you’ll apply for a Cash Management bank account. Yes, you would possibly actually be ready to open an account online at TD Ameliorate with no minimum deposit and bad credit.

Axiom Bank

Everyone deserves a second chance. That’s why Axiom makes the list of banks that don’t check credit. The financial organization offers second-chance banking and might overlook your report back to provide you with a bank account. Headquartered in central Florida, this community bank offers its Opportunity bank account to those that have made previous financial mistakes.

The account features the following:

  • Monthly fees: $12.95
  • Minimum deposit: $25
  • Minimum balance: None
  • What else you would like to know: No-fee mobile banking and mobile deposit

Avoiding Issues With Checks systems within the Future

Practice caution with check writing. If you would like to write down a check, always confirm two things. Firstly, confirm that you simply have adequate money in your account to hide the check. Secondly, confirm that the cash will remain in your account indefinitely until the check is cashed. Writing bad checks can easily get you listed in checks systems.

  • Consider opening two checking accounts. One for your day-today transactions, and another specifically for check writing. Once you got to write a check, transfer the quantity into the checking-only account, and don’t touch the cash in the least costs until the recipient cashes the check.
  • Only write checks for amounts that you simply either currently have, or that you simply are 100% certain you’ll have. If you’re writing a $100 check, and know you’re getting paid $500 within the next week, don’t write the check unless you’re absolutely certain you’ll afford to use $100 of that $500 to hide the check.


  • Avoid check-cashing stores and payday loan services. These quick fixes have outrageous rates and price you more within the end of the day. Do an exhaustive search of banks in your area before resorting to those measures.
How to Get a Checking Account if You’re Listed in Checks systems

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