How To Get A Corrected W‐2

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IRS Form W-2 (Wage and Tax Statement) is utilized by employers to document worker reimbursement and withheld takes to the Social Security Administration (SSA). The SSA presents this records to the IRS for federal profits tax purposes. Employees use the W-2 to post their character profits taxes to their country and the federal government. If the records for your W-2 is wrong, an worker ought to tell his or her organization of the hassle in order that a corrected W-2 may be issued. If an organization refuses to make the correction, an worker can are seeking for help without delay from the IRS.

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Checking Your W-2 for Mistakes

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Review your general reimbursement. When reviewing your W-2, examine the quantity of your wages and taxes withheld for your closing paycheck with inside the tax yr for that you are submitting. If there may be a dramatic difference, you must speak the difficulty together along with your organization.

  • A not unusual place mistake on W-2s is for a decimal factor to be positioned incorrectly. For example, in case you absolutely made $36,502.32 however your W-2 suggested your profits as $365,023.20. This mistake should motive substantial problems while you try to report your tax returns.
  • If there may be handiest a moderate variant among your very last paycheck for the tax yr and the W-2, this can be due to the fact your pay length covered a part of the subsequent tax yr. This might now no longer require a corrected W-2 (W-2c).

Seeking a Corrected W-2

Contact your organization. If you probably did now no longer get hold of your W-2 with the aid of using the start of February or the records for your W-2 changed into wrong, you must right now touch your organization and notify her or him of the error or lacking W-2.

  • Employers who’ve been notified of any blunders on an worker’s W-2 have a prison duty to report a W-2c and accurate the error.
  • It can be great to ship an e-mail to the enterprise supervisor or whoever is answerable for sending W-2s.
  • Your e-mail must country which you observed a mistake for your W-2, and also you must offer records approximately the character of the error. For example, you may country “My social safety range changed into wrong on my W-2. I am soliciting for which you report a corrected W-2. Please allow me to understand once I must come and communicate with you approximately the difficulty.”
  • You must now no longer consist of your social safety range in an e-mail because it makes you prone to identification theft.

Correcting a W-2 as an Employer

Complete Form W-2c. As an organization, you are legally obligated to accurate errors on an worker’s filed W-2. You could make those corrections with the aid of using submitting Form W-2c.

  • You can be accurate misstates associated with an worker’s call and social safety range with the aid of using finishing Form W-2c containers d via i.
  • If an worker’s social safety range changed into suggested as blanks or zeros, you must now no longer report a W-2c, however as a substitute touch the SSA at 1-800-772-6270 for instructions.
  • If the W-2c has an wrong worker deal with, you may difficulty a W-2c to the worker with the brand-new deal with, however you do now no longer want to report it with the SSA.
  • You can order a W-2c at:
  • You can’t post W-2c bureaucracy downloaded from the internet.


  • Employees are answerable for reviewing the records on their W-2 and notifying their organization of any errors.
  • You must evaluate your W-2 as quickly as you get hold of it to make sure which you have adequate time to get a corrected W-2 if needed.
How To Get A Corrected W‐2

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