How To Get A Money Order

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Money orders are used rather than checks or cash once you got to make a payment. Unlike checks, money orders can never bounce, making them a safer option for giant payments. This wikiHow will teach you ways to urge a postal order for your next payment!

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How do money orders work?

A postal order may be a piece of paper that’s a secure alternative to cash or personal checks. You specify who will receive the cash order, and both you which person must sign it for it to be valid, which cuts down on theft.

You also prepay for a postal order , at a location like a U.S. post office, Walmart or Western Union. confine mind that a lot of have a $1,000 limit.

How am I able to buy a money order?

Have everything you need: Be prepared with cash or a open-end credit , the name of the payee and therefore the amount you would like to send. Paying with a mastercard could be possible, but will usually cost extra.

Fill it out: additionally to the payee’s name, you’ll got to add your name (and maybe your address) and sign the cash order. (For step-by-step instructions, inspect NerdWallet’s guide the way to fill out a postal order .) take care to make sure that everything is accurate because you will not be ready to change the knowledge afterward.

Paying With a postal order

First make a replica . Since money orders are often wont to pay people you’ll not know well, it’s good to stay a private record of the cash order just in case a drag arises. Make a replica of the cash order and file it together with your financial records. Keep it with the receipt that came together with your postal order .


  • confirm you spell the name of the recipient correctly, because they will not be ready to cash it if that the name doesn’t match their checking account .
  • Some agents will write within the recipient’s name and other information for you.


  • Fill out the cash order carefully; if you create an error and need to void it, there’ll be an additional fee to shop for a replacement one.
How To Get A Money Order

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