How To Get Free Products From Amazon For Review

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If you are inclined to check merchandise from unique sellers, you may get unfastened or deeply discounted merchandise for assessment on Amazon. If you operate a weblog instead, it’s far barely greater difficult, calls for greater work.

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How Amazon Review Sites Work

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Let’s say I am an Amazon dealer and I need to get a few opinions on my product(s) as a way to pressure up the sales. Finding consumers, in my view, and contacting them could be time-ingesting and tedious. Not to mention, you may’t make sure if the individuals who you ship your product to at no cost may even go away a assessment.

Learning The Basics

Understand permalinks. This is the everlasting hyperlink for your assessment.

  • You can click on at the name of your assessment, then click on “permalink” at the page. After that, replica the hyperlink with inside the cope with bar.
  • You can inform a hyperlink is a permalink with the aid of using the word “perm” with inside the hyperlink.

Building Your Reputation

Build up your opinions on Amazon. Review any merchandise formerly bought on Amazon. If you have no preceding purchases, purchase a few easy gadgets and assessment them.

  • Get acquainted with Amazon’s TOS and reviewing guidelines.
  • Know the distinction among dealer feedback, packaging feedback, and product opinions.

Reviewing the Product

Be descriptive and personal. Don’t simply replica and paste the product description.

  • Don’t replica different opinions, either.
  • Tell approximately your revel in with the product, and the way it as compared for your expectations, or to comparable merchandise you have tried.
  • Compare the professionals and cons of the product, and deliver tips approximately what could make it better. There is nearly usually a few disadvantage to a product.

Avoiding Errors and Rejected Reviews

Know that opinions also can be rejected. If it is rejected, you will be capable of edit and resubmit. If it is deleted, you cannot.

  • Don’t touch Amazon approximately those situations, as they might not assist, and it brings greater interest for your account.
  • Reviews can also be rejected because of banned phrases or viable innuendos.


  • Promo codes have 6 characters on the end, even as present card codes have 4.
  • Don’t neglect about to shop for complete fee gadgets and assessment them as well! It will assist growth your beneficial votes, and reduce your threat of having wiped.


  • Not following Amazon’s TOS will purpose your opinions to be wiped, and you’re reviewing privileges to be revoked.
  • Too many five supermegacelebrity opinions will purpose humans to suppose you’re dishonest, and might bring about down votes.
  • Remember that opinions are for customers, now no longer sellers. You should not assessment in case you do not truly have a hobby in informing the customers. Don’t assessment handiest to get unfastened merchandise, although it is going to be a plus.
How To Get Free Products From Amazon For Review

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