How to Give a Reflexology Massage

Here you can get information about How to Give a Reflexology Massage. How you begin a reflexology massage session sets the tone for the duration of the treatment. Most reflexologists develop their own routine after they need treated a dozen clients or more. This text outlines a number of the more popular routines that practitioners use to start out a reflexology massage.

Prepare the Space Where You’ll Administer the Reflexology Treatment

  • Make sure the temperature within the room is comfortably warm in order that your client doesn’t get a chill. Remember that your client are going to be lying still for a minimum of one hour, so your clinic has got to be warm.
  • Have a blanket available just in case your client gets chilly.
  • Prepare extra blankets or towels to be used to stay your client’s feet warm in between pressure treatments.
  • Dim the lights within the room for ambiance.
  • Play soft, melodious music. Try to not play any music with lyrics because which will be distracting to both you and your client.
  • Provide a bottle of water for your client.
  • Trim your fingernails if necessary and wash your hands.

Prepare a Warm Foot bath for Your Client

  • Pour warm water into your foot bath container.
  • Add 1/4 cup (56 g) Epsom salts to the water. When sulfate from the salts is absorbed through the skin, it draws toxins from the feet, calms the nervous system, reduces swelling and relaxes muscles.
  • Stir the Epsom salts until they dissolve within the water.
  • Place the foot bath container at the top of your treatment table or treatment chair in order that your client can comfortably immerse his feet into the foot bath.
  • Allow your client to soak his feet for a minimum of 10 minutes.
  • Lift your client’s feet out of the foot bath, one at a time, and dry each foot thoroughly with a terry cloth towel.
  • Remove the foot bath container and drain the water while your client gets into a cushy position for his reflexology treatment.

Give Your Client a Pre-Reflexology Foot Massage and All-Over Foot Squeeze

This helps to increase circulation and encourage deeper relaxation

  • Grasp the heel of your client’s left foot with your left hand and place your right hand over the top of the foot near the ankle.
  • Gently squeeze the highest and bottom of the foot. This squeezing action helps hack acid crystals that develop within the feet; ending these acid crystals helps increase circulation.
  • Place one among your hands over the highest of your client’s ankle, and cup the heel within the palm of your other hand.
  • Gently tug the client’s foot and leg toward you. Tug only enough for the foot to maneuver towards you an in. or so.
  • Place your right horizontally over the highest of your client’s foot, and place your left vertically along the rock bottom of the foot.
  • Press down on the highest of the foot using your right, while pressing up against the and of the foot together with your left.
  • Release the pressure, then repeat three more times.
  • Use both your hands to squeeze and twist your client’s foot, using an equivalent motion you’d use to squeeze out a wet rag. Use a mild but firm motion.
  • Tap the soles of your client’s feet with the rear of your hand. Start at the toes and use a slapping motion to tap the and of the foot all the way right down to the heel and copy to the toes again. Slap hard enough therefore the client can feel it, but that it doesn’t sting the skin on your client’s foot.
  • Massage your client’s leg starting at the ankle and continuing up the shin to the knee.
  • Bring your hands back down to the foot by massaging the rear of your client’s leg, ranging from the rear of his knee, continuing over his calf and back down to his ankle. If your hands are large enough, you’ll massage the front and back of your client’s lower leg at an equivalent time.
  • Work the rear of the leg together with your |along with your > together with your fingers and therefore the front of the leg with your thumbs.
  • Apply pressure together with your thumbs to the reflex points for the diaphragm on your client’s left foot.
  • Wrap the client’s left foot during a towel to stay it warm while you repeat the relief massage process on his right foot.
  • Begin your regular reflexology treatment session.


  • If you use scented candles in your clinic, confine mind that they provide off heat and burning too many of them may make your room uncomfortably warm or too heavily scented.
  • Make the pre-reflexology a part of your session as relaxing because it is often. Some first-time clients could also be a touch nervous or wary about having their feet worked on. The mood and pace you set will go an extended way towards easing any anxiety your client may have.
  • If you cannot get your clinic dark enough, offer an eye fixed mask to your client.
  • Ask your client if he wouldn’t mind the addition of a couple of drops of an important oil, like Lavender, to the foot bath. Explore other volatile oil scents and consider adding aromatherapy to your reflexology routine.


  • You’ll not want to supply a foot bath if your client has any cuts or open sores on his feet.
How to Give a Reflexology Massage

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