How To Handle A Bomb Threat Over The Telephone

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Receiving a bomb hazard is a terrifying experience. Fortunately, the enormous majority of bomb threats are hoaxes. Nevertheless, you need to nonetheless take the seriously, due to the fact that bomb hoaxes are crimes. If you obtain a bomb hazard, don’t panic. Instead, continue to be as calm as feasible and attain applicable statistics from the caller. If feasible, have a coworker touch the police whilst you’re at the telecellsmartphone.

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Answering the Phone

phone bomb threats

Take a deep breath. Try to stay calm. The calmer you’re, the higher you’ll be capable of suppose in your feet.

  • Deep breaths need to come out of your diaphragm. Place a hand in your belly and experience it extend whilst you breathe in and agreement whilst you breathe out.
  • If taking a deep breath doesn’t help, depend on five.
  • You can also clench muscle businesses for numerous seconds, after which relax. Begin together along with your shoulders, after which paintings right all the way down to your feet.

Asking Questions

Ask in which the bomb is placed. The police want to discover the bomb, so get its vicinity. Obtain as an awful lot element as feasible:

  • Building
  • floor
  • room
  • vicinity in room

Remembering Important Details

Note any historical past noises. It is probably difficult to pay attention to historical past noises whilst being attentive to what the caller says on the identical time. One proper technique: ask a repetitive question. For example, if the caller informed you what the bomb become made of, ask “I’m sorry, I couldn’t pay attention to you. Can you repeat that?” As they answer, pay attention cautiously to historical past noises. Note any of the following:

  • Music
  • motor running
  • animal noises, along with barking
  • human beings speaking with inside the historical past
  • machinery
  • road noises
  • no historical past noise, clear

Ending the Call

Keep the caller speaking. Ideally, the caller might be at the telecellsmartphone whilst the police arrive. Try to maintain the caller at the telecellsmartphone for so long as you can.

  • Pretend you can’t pay attention. Say, “I’m sorry, I actually have a susceptible connection. Can you talk up and inform me that again?” This will drag out the conversation.
  • Play dumb. “I don’t suppose we’ve a Room 205. Gina, is there a Room 205 in that building? My dice mate doesn’t suppose there’s a Room 205. Do you believe you studied, you positioned the bomb in an exceptional room?”


  • If your education personnel for a probable bomb hazard, then download the Department of Homeland Security’s tick list. Your personnel can fill out the tick list whilst speaking to the caller.

How To Handle A Bomb Threat Over The Telephone

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