How To Hang A Banner

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Banners are remarkable to sell an occasion or commercial enterprise in a massive-scale way, and putting them may be easy. You can position them on any wall interior or outside alongside a fence, among 2 pillars, or on a window. As lengthy as you’ve got the proper substances and your banner has grommets, steel earrings with a hollow with inside the center, you could have signage certain to attract humans in.

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How to hold your banner

hang a banner

When it involves putting banners, there are masses of alternatives, and it relies upon when you have pole pockets, grommets or not. There also are a few add-ons which could make the procedure a bit easier. The first element you will need to word is in case your banner has grommets or not. If you have not ordered your banner yet, you’ll need to, don’t forget including grommets to all 4 corners of your banner. If your banner is extra than 2’ x 4’ you can additionally upload a grommet or some spaced out with inside the middle.

Tying the Banner among Posts

Set up or locate 2 posts the identical distance aside because the period of your banner. Measure the period and peak of your banner so that you recognize how some distance to set your posts. Look for regions among trees, pillars, or fences which are as a minimum the identical distance aside.

  • If you want a banner in an open area, use L-formed banner stands.
  • The posts may be in addition aside so long as you’ve got sufficient rope to attain round them on each side.

Installing Grommets

Punch a hollow in every nook of your banner. Use a hollow punch massive sufficient, so the male quit of the grommet, the only with the raised cylinder, can healthy through it. Make the holes with inside the identical area in every nook, so the banner will hold straight.

  • Many grommets set up kits will include a hollow punch attachment.
  • Grommet set up kits may be bought at your neighborhood crafts or hardware keep.

Use grommet pliers to snap the grommet in area

Hold the pliers in order that they line up with the grommet at the back and front of your banner. Squeeze the pliers collectively to steady the grommet in the area. Repeat the procedure for every nook.

The grommet pliers bend the brink of the cylinder to maintain it tightly towards the hoop at the back.


  • Look at your neighborhood craft keep for adhesive grommets. These connect to the corners of your banner so that you don’t must use any unique tools.
How To Hang A Banner

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