How To Have A Successful Farm Shop

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Do you have an existing farm shop, but just do not get the traffic? Or are you brooding about fixing a farm shop, but are trying to find some ideas? Then read on.

Look at your location with a critical eye

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Location! Location! Location! With the ever-increasing costs of fuel, people are reluctant to travel long distances to shop for farm produce because suddenly there’s a painful deliberation, by the customer, of cost-effectiveness versus quality. Attempt to have your farm shop located near a neighborhood which will draw tons of custom and supply parking facilities that are safe and secure.

Examine how you’re displaying your products

Aesthetics plays an enormous part in fixing your shop in order that it’s appealing to the attention and therefore the senses. Display your products in woven baskets, for instance , instead of in plastic crates.

Create a topic for your shop and carry it through

A rustic theme might be achieved very cheaply by using straw bales, old farming instruments, growing lavender in pots or tin buckets etc. believe what you’ll do to make sure that when your customers visit your shop it’s a pleasing experience that they might wish to repeat.


In addition to location, it’s important that customers are ready to patronize the time, and within the way that they need . This might mean extended opening hours or taking place the route of internet sales and ‘Click & Collect’. If customers want to select up the ingredients for a night meal on their way home from work, they’re going to attend a supermarket if the farm shop closes at 5.00pm.

Finally, customer service is what it’s all about

If you’ve got fulfilled all the above criteria, but still don’t provide a cheerful smile once you serve your customers and aren’t prepared to travel the additional mile, you’ll not get the return service that builds you an outsized customer base.

How To Have A Successful Farm Shop

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