How to Heal Using Chakra

Here you can get How to Heal Using Chakra. Different chakras represent different areas of the body, and may dysfunction in several ways.

Feelings, thoughts, traumas, and even illnesses of the body can occupy the chakras, impeding healthy energy flow. the subsequent approaches could also be helpful in connecting with the chakras and heal both illnesses and emotional blockages.

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Root Chakra

  • Warning Signals: Fatigue, disagreements with relations , disorientation thanks to lack of grounding.
  • To Strengthen the Energy of this Chakra: Visualize a molten lava flow beneath you, or the image of your feet and body growing tree roots that reach deep into the world . Since this chakra corresponds with issues with one’s family of origin (“root”), resolving these deep emotions can heal the primary chakra.

Sacral Chakra

  • Warning Signals: Sexual dysfunction, hormonal imbalance, lack of creativity.
  • To Strengthen the Energy of this Chakra: The second chakra relates to an individual’s sexuality and creativity and is connected with the womb. Any creative or sexual outlet has the potential to interact this chakra – but as long as such an activity aligns with an individual’s genuine self.

Solar Plexus Chakra

  • Warning Signals: gastrointestinal system upset, weakness in “core” muscles, low immunity, low self-esteem.
  • To Strengthen the Energy of this Chakra: The energies of the coeliac plexus chakra invoke the connection with the self and ideas of individual identity. Blockages during this chakra are quite common , and may usually only be alleviated by reassessing personal choices and life directions. it’s helpful to require time and space to nourish – and to uncover and accept – the important self.

Heart Chakra

  • Warning Signals: High or low vital sign , cardiac symptoms, anger, numbness, fear of affection.
  • To Strengthen the Energy of this Chakra: the guts chakra is that the center of emotions. Strengthening this chakra requires willingness to experience life’s emotional spectrum: love and loss, pain and joy. Visualizing a bright white light within the center of the chest and allowing it to expand slowly may help to awaken this chakra and soothe feelings of hurt. It also can be helpful to write down a journal or speak to a trusted friend.

Throat Chakra

  • Warning Signals: Hyper- or hypothyroid (over- or under-active thyroid gland), frustration, fear or inability to precise oneself.
  • To Strengthen the Energy of this Chakra: Sing, dance, write, speak – express and emote! This chakra is cleared by genuine, open expression of truth. it’s strengthened by standing up for private beliefs and supporting people , ideologies, or groups–- but mostly, by speaking up for favorite.

Brow Chakra

  • Warning Signals: Headaches, lack of insight, feeling lost, lack of psychic intuitiveness.
  • To Strengthen the Energy of this Chakra: it’s going to be helpful to call this chakra by its other name and visualise a “third eye” within the middle of the forehead, looking around with keen observation and insight. Tapping some extent within the middle of the brow also helps. So can taking the pressure off and exercising patience. Overthinking congests the brow chakra – so don’t think.

Crown Chakra.

  • Warning Signals: Headaches, spaciness/brain fog, fear, disconnection, lack of trust/hope/faith.
  • To Strengthen the Energy of this Chakra: The crown chakra represents connection to the divine altogether its forms, also because the reality that each one is energy and there’s no form. Imagine a ball of glowing white energy coming down and enveloping the highest of the top , opening and healing the crown chakra. Pull the energy down as a protective shield round the body. Talking – aloud or internally – to the upper self, goddess, god, guardian angels or spirit guides also can help.

How to Heal Your Chakras

Chakra cleansing may be a complex process. A fundamental distinction is formed between the relief of energetic tensions and therefore the dissolution of inner blockages within the body.

While energetic tensions are usually temporary in nature, which may already be resolved by a touch meditation and straightforward care, inner blockages are serious mental injuries. Blockages limit our capacity because they’re the results of trauma or similar experiences from the past.

However, chakra cleansing shouldn’t be confused with chakra balancing. The difference is that the energy state of the chakras. once you cleanse a chakra, your chakra is inactive, once you balance it, it’s overactive.

The goal of chakra healing is to make a balance between your body, soul, and earth.


  • Being outdoors in sun- or moonlight, watching the sky, walking on the world also helps open the chakras.
  • Practice yoga to clear the chakras.


  • Chakra healing is an spiritual or alternative medicine practice and therefore isn’t scientifically proven or understood. Thus, if you have an ailment, it shouldn’t be used to replace science-based medical care; replacing medical care with chakra healing could lead to lethal results if the ailment is serious.

How to Heal Using Chakra

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