How to Hook up Surround Sound

You can maximize the surround sound experience during a home theater by positioning the surround sound speakers properly.

The speakers during a home theater system include the middle channel speaker, the left and right front speakers, the surround channel speakers, and therefore the sub woofer.

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Center speakers

Some people say the middle speaker is optional, because the left and right speakers can handle the sound that comes from the middle speaker.

However, the middle speaker anchors your onscreen dialogue and is a seamless connection between your left and right speakers.

As that boat zooms by from left to right, you don’t want to possess a gap within the middle of your sound field.

Left and right speakers

The left and right speakers provide more lateral, but still highly localized and directed, sound. If possible, the left and right speakers during a surround audio system should be full-range speakers.

For the best results, attempt to position the left and right front speakers in order that the tweeters are at ear level.

Surround speakers

The surround speakers (whether you’ve got two, three, four, or more side and back speakers) add a 3rd dimension to your audio programming — bringing a front and back dimension to the left and right dimension provided by the front speakers.

Sub woofers

Most sub woofers have floor-based enclosures with active speaker systems (that is, with built-in amplifiers) for driving the low bass frequency ranges. Your biggest decision comes in bass management. you’ve got a few of options:

• The sub woofer can complement your full-range front speakers, providing a good fuller bass signal.

• The sub woofer can handle all the bass, giving your front speakers the power to specialize in the mid- and high-range frequencies.

Tips and Tricks For Each Option

According to this article from Techwalla, the initial hookup in the HDMI option will involve having the TV turned on and a bit of playing with the settings. You will need it set to the cable input if you want to play the audio through your sound system. For a maximum effect, you will have to keep the TV volume low.

As for the setup without HDMI, you can listen to great audio without having any image. Why would you need that? It is excellent for music, as well as all those digital music channels that come with pretty much any cable package. You can benefit from quality music while listening to the radio.

How to Hook up Surround Sound

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