How to Hypnotize Someone With the Magnetic Hands Technique

Here you can get information about How to Hypnotize Someone With the Magnetic Hands Technique. The Magnetic hands induction is simple and simple. It is a sort of hypnosis which will be fairly easy for amateurs to perform. Find a participant, lull into a state of hypnosis, and proceed from there.

Hypnosis can be defined in some ways. Generally, hypnosis is mentioned as a trance-like state, characterized by intense suggestibility, heightened imagination, and mental clarity and regulation. The trance-like state of hypnosis is similar to daydreaming, or that feeling you get once you are lost in your thoughts or totally absorbed in something you’re keen on. This happens frequently, whenever you get engrossed during a movie or stare blankly out the window.

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Taking Preliminary Action

Find someone willing to be hypnotized. Before you attempt the magnetic hands’ technique, find someone willing to figure with you. Hunt down a lover or loved one who will allow you to practice hypnosis on them. You ought to always select someone you’re on the brink of initially before attempting hypnosis on strangers or acquaintances. It can take quite awhile to urge the technique right.

Get them into the proper position. Once you’ve found a participant, get them within the proper position. Instruct them on the way to place their hands.

  • Have them sit upright on a chair or sofa.
  • Then, instruct them to carry their hands in their lap with the palms facing the ceiling.

Do not perform hypnosis as a sort of therapy unless you’ve got specific training. The magnetic hands technique should be something you engage in certain lighthearted fun. Hypnotherapy to treat issues like depression and anxiety should only be administered by a licensed psychological state professional with experience in hypnosis. You ought to never plan to hypnotize someone as a sort of therapy if you’re not a trained professional with a complicated understanding of mental disease and psychiatry.

Beginning the Technique

Begin with an exhortation while directing the participant’s hands. You ought to start of by easing the participant into trusting you. Have him or her place his or her hands forward, roughly 12 inches apart, with palms facing each other. If the participant doesn’t understand, demonstrate yourself.

  • Give a brief pep talk, over-viewing your hypnosis technique. Scripting here varies supported what feels comfortable for you. The essential message you’re conveying is that the participant is to follow your leads as you place a strong magnet in their hand.
  • An example of a gap exhortation would be something like, “I want you to clear your thoughts now and specialize in me. I’m getting to function your guide. Counting on the facility of your imagination, in only a flash here, I’m getting to place a really powerful magnet in your hand.”

Push their palms together for the primary time. Once the exhortation is over, touch the palm of their left together with your finger. Then, touch the palm of their right together with your fingertip. As you are doing so, say something like, “I am placing the magnet here and here.” Then, gently push their hands together.

Instruct the participant to shut his or her eyes. As you push the participant’s hands together, instruct him or her to shut his or her eyes. Tell the participant, he or she should find his or herself falling into a deep trance. This could get the participant to start to fall under a preliminary state of hypnosis.

Push their palms together for the second time. Once the participant has closed his or her eyes, instruct him or her to once more push his or her palms together. Say something like, “You can feel the magnets pulling our palms together.” you’ll need to assist, but hopefully the participant should do a number of the work at this point.

Completing the Technique

Tell the participant to feel the facility of the magnets. Attempt to lull the participant into a state of calm. Instruct him or her to feel the facility of the magnets. Say something like, “There are two powerful magnets that have guided your hands together. Feel the facility of the magnets. Feel your palms pulling towards each other.”

Bring the participant into a state of relaxation. Once the participant seems entranced by your words, bring him or her into a state of relaxation. Instruct him or her to specialize in his or her body, breathes, and heartbeat.

  • Scripting once more varies. Accompany what feels right and natural to you. If you are feeling comfortable and on top of things, the participant is more likely to trust you and follow your lead.
  • An example of excellent scripting would be something like, “Ignore everything but my voice. All other noises are unnecessary distractions. Concentrate on your breathing, your body, your heartbeat. Every breath you takes you extra down into a state of calm and relaxation.”
  • You’ll also try some counting. Attempt to count backwards from 10 and instruct the participant to concentrate to every breath his, or she, takes as you count.

Allow them to return out of hypnosis. The magnetic hands technique should take about 20 minutes. Once the participant has been relaxing for this duration, instruct them to awaken from the state of hypnosis. Saying something like, “Now, awaken and everything will have returned to normal.”


  • Like all hypnosis techniques, this doesn’t always work. It’s going to take a touch of practice before you’re successful.
  • People are during a highly susceptible state when being hypnotized. Once more, don’t plan to use hypnosis as a sort of therapy unless you are a mental health professional. People have reported false memories of abuse during poorly executed hypnotherapy.
How to Hypnotize Someone With the Magnetic Hands Technique

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