How to Install Bluetooth

Drivers are important parts of your system. They establish a connection between your system and a tool and make functionality possible. Naturally, Microsoft can’t include native support for each sort of existing hardware. More often than not, you would like to accumulate and install drivers yourself to supply functionality for a tool.

Wireless technology is becoming more and more fashionable each passing day. Many Windows 10 users are looking to ditch wires, and switch to more convenient wireless peripherals. As Bluetooth devices are selling out faster than ever, take the AirPods Pro, for instance , more and more people are struggling to show on Bluetooth and use it on Windows 10.

In this guide, you’ll determine the way to download and install Bluetooth drivers, and fix common issues with them like Bluetooth not working, or Bluetooth not detecting devices on Windows 10.

How To Download and Install Bluetooth Drivers in Windows 10

If you do not have your Bluetooth drivers yet, the primary thing you would like to try to to is acquire them and properly install them onto your computer. this will be done quite easily, and our guide is here to form sure you’re taking the quickest route to use Bluetooth technology.

If you’ve got a Bluetooth laptop, you presumably have already got drivers pre-installed by the device manufacturer. during this case, you would possibly want to see Bluetooth driver updates rather than completely reinstalling them.

Step 1. Check Your System Information

Before downloading a Bluetooth driver, you would like to urge some information about your system and write important details. this may make sure that you download the right Bluetooth drivers compatible together with your setup and Bluetooth devices. If you download the wrong drivers, you’ll run into wireless connection issues.

  • Press the Windows + R keys on your keyboard to mention a utility called Run.
    Here, simply type in “control” and click on on the OK button.
  • This will open up the classic instrument panel application.
    Make sure that your view mode is about to Category, then click on the System and Security heading.
  • Next, click on the System link. this is often where you’ll view general information about your device.
  • Check and note the brand of your processor within the System section. the foremost common brands are Intel and AMD. confirm to also write your System type, which is either 64-bit or 32-bit.
  • After checking your system information, you’ll accurately determine what quite Bluetooth driver is required for your device. Proceed to subsequent step.

Step 2. Download the Bluetooth Driver That Matches Your System

Knowing your system details, you’ll proceed to finding and downloading the acceptable Bluetooth driver software that matches your device. Bluetooth download are often confusing if you haven’t done it before, so follow the steps below to urge an in depth walkthrough.

  • Open an internet browser. Microsoft Edge comes pre-installed on every Windows 10 device, allowing you to browse the web immediately.
  • Navigate to an enquiry engine and sort in your processor type, then add “Bluetooth driver download” next thereto , then hit search.
  • Locate the web site that takes you to the official download links. confirm to only download files from the official source to avoid viruses and malware infection.
    Intel Wireless Blutooth for Windows 10
  • Download the newest version of the acceptable Bluetooth driver for your system. concentrate to the architecture version, and download the driving force that matches your system.

Now that you simply have the right device drivers, the last step is installing them.

Step 3. Install the Bluetooth Driver

To install the Bluetooth driver, simply open the file you downloaded within the previous step and follow any on-screen instructions. This process is different for every manufacturer, which suggests we will not provide an accurate step-by-step guide.

Note that you simply might require access to an area administrator account to be ready to install the driving force on your device. this is often a security measure in Windows 10 to make sure no incorrect or infected drivers are installed on the pc .

After the installation is complete, you’ll got to restart your device then check if you’ll connect and use Bluetooth & wireless devices on your Windows 10 computer.

How To Check Bluetooth Version on Windows 10

Your Bluetooth version could also be important to work out whether or not your drivers are outdated or a version with known bugs, lacking features, or frequent error messages. to see what version of Bluetooth is currently installed on your device, follow the instructions below.

  • Press the Windows + X keys on your keyboard.
    Form the context menu, click on the Device Manager option.
  • Expand the Bluetooth menu by clicking on the arrow next thereto .
  • Right-click on the Bluetooth radio listing (yours could be listed as a wireless device) and choose Properties.
    Switch to the Advanced tab, then search for the LMP (Link Manager Protocol) listing within the Firmware area.
  • That number tells you what version you currently wear your device.
How to Install Bluetooth

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