How to Join FLAC Files

The FLAC audio-encoding standard creates files during a high-quality, cross-platform format. If you’ve got a concert recording or DJ set that comes within the sort of multiple FLAC files, you’ll join the FLACs together to eliminate gaps between the songs. If you employ Foobar2000 as your media player, you’ll join FLAC files using its interface.

If you would like more control over joining the FLACs, you’ll use the Audacity audio editor. If you are looking for one-click conversion, you’ll want to undertake the FLAC MP3 Converter.

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Step 1 Launch Foobar2000. Open the “File” menu and click on “Add Files.” Hold the “Ctrl” key and choose all of the FLACs you want to hitch . Click “Open” to add them to your Foobar2000 library. Select the FLAC files within the playback window.

Step 2 Right-click one among the FLACs, move the mouse over “Convert,” then click “Convert.” Click “Output Format,” then click the “Edit” button. Set the Encoder menu to “FLAC,” then click “OK.”

Step 3 Click “Destination” and choose the radio button next to “Merge all tracks into one computer file .” Click “Back,” then click “Convert” to join the FLAC files together.


Step 1 Launch Audacity. Open the File menu, hover the mouse over “Import” and choose “Audio.” Select all of the FLAC files you would like to hitch and click on “Open.” Audacity imports the FLACs and places each waveform in its own track.

Step 2 Click the “Time Shift Tool” icon, which seems like a horizontal line with an arrow on each end. Drag the second waveform to the proper until its beginning aligns with the top of the primary waveform; repeat the method for all of the FLACs.

Step 3 Press “Ctrl” and “A” to pick all of the tracks. Open the Tracks menu and click on “Mix and Render.” Click “File,” then “Export.” Set the Save As Type menu to “FLAC” and click on “Save.”

FLAC MP3 Converter

Step 1 Download, install and launch the FLAC MP3 Converter. Click “Add Files,” then hold the “Ctrl” key and click on each of the FLAC files you want to join.

Step 2 Click to pick “To FLAC” from the Convert menu , then click the “Convert to One” button. FLAC MP3 Converter joins the FLACs into one file.

Step 3 Right-click the joined FLAC enter the program window and choose “Play Destination” to listen to it.

How to Join FLAC Files

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