How to Locate the ASIN to an Audible Audiobook

ASIN to products on Amazon could be unique, but when it involves grabbing ASIN numbers for Audible audiobooks, this generally gets tough (especially when trying to be found on the Audible website) to find them.

Regardless of the reason is why you’re trying to find them, here’s where this text should be ready to assist you out.

Via the Audible Website

Open up the Audible website and log in to your account, if you haven’t already done so. The search box you will need is merely available if you log in to Audible’s site. However, this could be easy; if you’ve got an account, you’ll even have access to

Locate the audiobook from their large collection of audiobooks. Whether you’ve purchased it or not, their ASIN’s are often found. search for the book via the title bar (if the book is unpurchased), or open up your Library of audiobooks on the location (if it’s been purchased).

If you’ve purchased the book, you will need to recollect an easy thanks to get to the present list which you’ll get to. Click on the Library drop-down from the highest left corner of the page, and click on “My Books”.

Find the book you want to find this number for, and click on the book’s title from the list of results that are displayed. Although with unpurchased books you will have to travel through the search box, if you’re browsing the Library for a purchased book, you’ll easily filter down your list to certain books. check out the address bar on the book’s ID page. during this URL address to the present page, is that the only place you will find this number.

It’s the last set of ten alphanumeric characters of the URL right after the book name and followed by the forward-slash character, right before the forward slash and phrase “ref”. this is often the ASIN for the book.(In 2015, this number wont to be found on the downloaded book’s page URL where the book would play inside the alternate window, but was so confusing inside the URL, it couldn’t easily be found.)

Via the Amazon website

isit the Amazon website and locate the Audible book you want to find the ASIN number to. you do not got to purchase it(and thereby you will not got to log in to your account), but the ID page of this particular format of the book must be showing.

Make sure that the bar of formats for the book directly below it’s title and authors line is about to the Audible title of the book you want to view the ASIN to. it’s going to either be titled “Audible” or “Audible(Abridged)” or something denoting that it’s the Audible format for the book.

Scroll down until you see the section called “Product Details”. This section will hold your prized possession.

Look just above the “Amazon Best Seller’s Rank” line for your requested information. If it’s no “Amazon Best Seller’s Rank” line, it are often found underneath the “Language” or “ release date” row during this section to the page (most of the way down this section of the page).

How to Locate the ASIN to an Audible Audiobook

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