How To Lock and Unlock Your Bank Of America Charge Card

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There’s little worse than the feeling when you realize you’ve lost your debit or credit card. Bank of America eases this pain a little by allowing you to lock your card from their app; this ensures it can’t be used if someone picks it up. If you find your card again, you can unlock it just as easily.

Lock/unlock your card in Global Card Access

1. Open the app

Bank of America’s app icon is red with their logo thereon (a cross-hatched flag of truce symbol). If you’ve got an Android phone, the flag itself are going to be red rather than white and there’s no red background.

Log into (If you’ve got not registered for Global Card Access, the way to register for Global Card Access has complete instructions and regularly asked questions.)

2. Select Lock card from the fast actions menu.

Select Lock card again from the reason pop-up. the cardboard is now locked and you’ll receive an email alerting you that your card is locked. Also, a lock icon will display next to the cardboard board name on the Cardholder Dashboard indicating that the card is locked.

3. Search for the cardboard you want to lock

If you’ve got a open-end credit with a bank account there, you will be presented thereupon card first. Otherwise, you will be presented with all other lockable/unlockable cards in your name. If you’ve got both, there should be a button which will allow you to modify the cards if needed.

  • If your card features a photo verification thereon , don’t be concerned if the cards don’t match what they appear like in real world .

4. Confirm the last four digits and name on the cardboard board graphic match the card you want to lock

  • If the cardboard matches a open-end credit to a bank account , the app will tell you which of them account it links to. But don’t be concerned if you do not see the sort and instead see a nickname you chose for the account online.

5. Tap the “Lock your card” switch below your virtual card

On this screen, too, you will find a link to the tool to order a replacement card, if you would like to.

6. Read the page confirming what you’ll and can’t do with a locked card

you ought to also check out the kinds of monetary transactions which will still undergo even when the cardboard is locked. The locked card status also will apply to most virtual wallet cards, including Apple, Google or Samsung Pay virtual cards.

7. Tap the green “Lock Card” switch to unlock it. Doing so will lock the cardboard until you’re able to unlock it

Unlock your card after you’ve successfully retrieved it. to try to to this, tap the green switch to the proper of the “Lock your card” label. await the confirmation message “Your card is unlocked and prepared to use” to seem .

How To Lock and Unlock Your Bank Of America Charge Card

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