How To Make ID Cards Online

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Creating your own ID cards is quick and straightforward if you design and get them organized using online software! The cards are often ordered via a knowledgeable printing service, or printed reception . One design are often also want to create IDs for several people. Using an ID printing service are often an economical because you don’t need to purchase special printing equipment, software, and supplies yourself.

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Plan your card. believe the aim of the cardboard , what percentage cards you’ll need, and what quite design you would like to use. Planning before you start creating and ordering your ID card(s) will make the method easier and make sure that you get precisely the quite card you would like . Consider, for instance:

  • How will the card(s) be used? as an example , to allow access to a building or site? To differentiate an employee or group member from non-employees/group members? To prove someone’s identity?
  • If the card(s) are going to be wont to prove identity, what security measures are going to be used? A photograph? Bar code? Magnetic stripe? The proper feature depends upon the capabilities you or your company/organization has.
  • What percentage cards does one need? only one for yourself? One for every member of a gaggle , organization, or company? Does everyone need an individualized card, or may be a standardized card for every group member sufficient?

Find the right template

Search through Canva’s library of ready-made, professional ID card templates. Narrow down your search by adding keywords that fit what you’re trying to find . Just click on the template to feature it to your page.

Ordering and Printing

Decide what percentage copies you would like . If you’re printing an ID only for yourself, you’ll only want one copy (or you’ll want to order a backup). If you’re ordering IDs for others, like key cards for your employees, you’ll want to order enough copies for all of them.

  • If you’re ordering cards for multiple people, decide if you would like to use a typical group card, or if you would like to incorporate personal details on each person’s card (such because the person’s name, picture, or employee number).
  • Many online ID manufacturers will offer discounts for ordering multiple cards.


  • Some online ID creators also will sell print-at-home kits that you simply can order and have shipped to you. These kits allow you to make an ID card design using the creator’s online service, and download the planning file. Employing a standard ink-jet or electrostatic printer , you’ll then print the ID card. You’ll even be ready to print on special waterproof or protective paper, include a hologram, or cash in of other options.
  • At-home ID printing kits can also have the choice of at-home laminating for added durability, or magnetic tape encoding to store information within the card. To utilize these options, however, you want to purchase a card laminator and/or a magnetic encoder from the ID service.
How To Make ID Cards Online

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