How To Make Money Selling At Festivals

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Whether you’re selling food, products, or art at a festival, you in fact want to form the maximum amount of money as possible. You would like to form sure you discover the proper festival for what you sell, also to maximize your products’ potential at each show. You ought to also find ways to draw customers in and check out to avoid mistakes which will cost your money.

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Evaluating Festivals and Your Product

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Scout the show before time. Before vending a show, take time to scout it out. Go and see what people are selling. Inspect the standard of labor , evaluating whether your products are of comparable quality and whether they fit the overall feel of the show. As an example , edgy, experimental art isn’t likely to suit in at a county craft festival.

  • Concentrate on what people are buying. See what’s being carried around by customers, as which will offer you a thought of what is going to sell. Also, look to ascertain what sorts of booths have long lines.

Pricing Products

Offer products during a range of costs . Whether you’re selling art or food, you would like to be ready to reach a good range of consumers . Meaning, you would like to cost some items on the low end of the pricing range. However, pricing some items higher means you’re ready to make a far better profit, and you do not need to sell as many items.

  • In fact , some items you’ll sell at cost or simply above it to draw people in. However, you do not want to sell too many items at cost, because it drives down your profits.


If it’s an enormous festival that draws many out-of-towners, local-themed products could also be good sellers so people can bring home a gift from not only the festival, but also the town they visited.

That may be map art or landmarks related to your city printed on or used for:

  • Art
  • Jewelry pendants
  • Clothing
  • Home decor items
  • Totes and bags
  • the form of cutting boards
  • the form of soap or printed on bath & body product labels

Avoiding Costly Mistakes

Check to form sure you are making a profit. After every show, count up what you made, and see what proportion of profit you’re actually making at each show. You do not want to stay doing shows if you’re essentially losing money. Do not forget to count all relevant expenses.

How To Make Money Selling At Festivals

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