How To Make Payments On A Gap Card

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The GapCard offers special rewards for purchases at Gap and its affiliate stores: Old Navy, country , and Athleta. If you patronize these stores frequently, a GapCard are often an honest thanks to economize . However, even alittle balance left on a store card will detrimentally effect your credit. you ought to pay off all balances as soon as possible, but Gap doesn’t allow you to try to to that within the store. you’ll got to pay online or by mail; you’ll also pay by phone but therein case are going to be required to buy the convenience.

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How To Make a niche mastercard Payment Online

To make Gap mastercard payment online, you’ll got to register for online access. Here’s how:

  • Visit the Cardmember Account Service login page.
  • Click to register.
  • Enter your account number and postcode .
  • Follow the prompts on the screen to register the account.

Pay Online

Go paperless. While you’ll prefer to continue receiving paper statements if you pay online, going paperless will instantly earn you 500 points. Therefore, abandoning your paper statements will earn you $5 worth of merchandise at Gap and its affiliate stores.

This makes paying online the most cost effective option. In contrast, you won’t earn any rewards paying by mail and can pay substantial fees for paying by phone.

Pay by Mail

Open your mastercard statement once you receive it monthly . If you haven’t received a niche statement in your mail, call 1-800-GAPSTYLE (1-800-427-7895) and say “Credit Card” once you are prompted.

If you’re having trouble getting an individual on the phone, press 0 until you are doing . a niche operator are going to be ready to assist you or transfer you to someone who can assist you receive your statements.

Pay by Phone

Be able to pay. you’ll be charged a $10 fee to pay by phone. to place this in perspective, you’ll got to spend $200 at Gap stores, to earn $10 worth of store points. If you propose to pay by phone, a niche card will probably not prevent any money.

This estimate only includes rewards from points; Gap Cards do also qualify you for special sales. Still, you’re likely to finish up within the red do you have to prefer to pay your Gap card via phone.

Receive a confirmation number

Write it down in order that you’ll confirm your payment or reference it later. If you do not receive confirmation, call back to determine that the transaction was completed.

How To Make Payments On A Gap Card

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