How To Move Vending Machines

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Because of their unwieldy dimensions, vending machines are often difficult to move from place to put . With the proper tools, however, you will be moving them sort of pro. It’s as simple as loading the machine onto a pallet jack, which you’ll then wheel to its new destination. Make certain to lower it down carefully and plug it back in once you’re finished. And, whenever possible, have another person assist you to finish the work safely and efficiently.

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What you want to know before moving a slot machine by yourself

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Vending machines weigh anywhere between 400 lbs. to 900 lbs. when empty – that’s , once they aren’t stocked. Their extreme bulkiness and excessive weight make their physical transportation between two locations a real challenge for people with little or no experience in moving a lot of such magnitude.

What slot machine moving equipment does one need?

There are alternative ways to move soda and snack slot machine s with the assistance of specialized slot machine moving equipment – from heavy-duty special vending machine hand trucks and pressurized air pads to ordinary furniture dollies. However, additionally to letting slot machine movers do what they are doing best, the subsequent best thanks to move a slot machine is to use a pallet jack.

Unloading the Machine

Push the machine back to the wall. Inspect its final position from multiple angles to form sure it’s properly aligned with the machines beside it. If it is the only machine occupying the wall, leave 3–4 inches (7.6–10.2 cm) of space within the back to supply access for routine repairs. Grab an ice-cold soda or a bag of something tasty to munch on to reward yourself for employment well done!


  • Map the trail you propose on taking before you load the machine onto the jack. Knowing where you’re going and therefore the best thanks to get there’ll prevent tons of your time .
  • Assuming you’re not the owner of the slot machine you’re moving, you’ll get to contact the supplier to possess it opened.
  • It’s recommended that you simply always recruit a partner when moving a full-sized slot machine . An additional set of hands will make the project safer also as easier.
  • If you are not confident that you simply can get the machine where it’s going without incident, call a moving service. They’ll send a team of qualified professionals who are trained and equipped to tackle big jobs a bit like this.


  • Vending machines should remain upright while being moved. Laying them down could cause issues with the refrigeration unit or other delicate parts.
  • Attempting to load or transport a slot machine on your own could end in property damage or maybe personal injury.
How To Move Vending Machines

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