How To Move Your LLC To Another State

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If you would like to maneuver your LLC (limited liability company) to a special U.S. state, there are two good options available. The simpler option is to register your LLC as a far off entity together with your new state, while keeping your registration active in your old state. This is often your best choice if you’ll still do business in—or plan on moving back to—the old state. You’ll need to pay taxes, file reports, and maintain permits in both states, so this method might be costly if you’re completely cutting ties with the old state. If that’s the case, file articles of domestication together with your new state and dissolve your LLC within the old state.

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Registering during a New State

To register as a far off business, you want to ask the state agency that handles business filings to work out if you meet the standards for foreign qualification. If you do, you want to submit the acceptable registration form to the state agency. In some states, you’ll complete and submit the shape for approval from the official agency’s website. In other states, the shape must be mailed in.

The form will invite information about the first registration of your LLC. You’ll get to provide the:

  • LLC name.
  • Date of registration.
  • State where the LLC was originally formed.

Domesticate Your LLC

Your next option is to formally transfer an LLC from one state to a different . This process is understood as domestication. If your state allows it, a domesticated LLC could also be the simplest and best thanks to handle a business move. You create a domesticated LLC by obtaining a certificate of excellent standing from the old state and filing it, along side articles of domestication, with the secretary of state or other agency responsible of business filings in your new state. You’ll then got to dissolve the business within the old state.

Merge Old LLC Into New LLC In New State

Instead of dissolving the old LLC, you’ll merge it into a replacement LLC. The LLC laws of most states permit one LLC to merge into another LLC. you will need to follow the procedures required by your state’s LLC laws. These typically would require that you simply create a written plan of merger which must be approved by vote of the LLC’s members.


  • Switching registration locations and converting or domesticating an LLC are often complex and will significantly impact your finances. It’s best to consult an attorney or accountant to make sure moving your LLC is financially beneficial.
How To Move Your LLC To Another State

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