How To Obtain A TWIC Card

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A Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) card carries a port worker’s fingerprints and image to input American ports without going via security. Applying for a TWIC card from the Transportation and Security Administration (TSA) may be a prolonged method, however it’s far a reasonably truthful one. You will want to fill out a utility earlier than traveling to an enrollment middle to affirm your identity. If you’re rejected, there’s an appeals’ method. The card is really well worth the wait, as it is able to shop effort and time on the job.

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What is a TWIC?


A TWIC is a Transportation Worker Identity Card. This card is issued via way of means of the USA Transportation Security Administration and the USA Coast Guard. Individuals ought to have a TWIC to benefit get right of entry to stable maritime facilities. These frequently encompass ships, ferries, dockside warehouses and port customs offices. Anyone who wishes to have unaccompanied get right of entry to Coast Guard credentialed service provider ships or transportation vessels ought to have a TWIC.

Who makes use of TWIC?

A TWIC is important for numerous exclusive varieties of professionals. Typically, the handiest folks who are related to maritime transportation structures want a TWIC, however there are a few exceptions.

Completing Pre-Enrollment

Start 8-12 weeks earlier than you want the cardboard. The TWIC utility method may be prolonged, and it’s going to take as a minimum 4-6 weeks for the utility to be processed. For those reasons, you have to begin as early as possible.

TWIC playing cards are excellent for five years, so that you can follow as early as you like.

Appealing a Rejection

Determine in case you are eligible for an appeal. Applications are typically denied due to a failed history check. Even in case you have been charged or convicted with inside the past, you can nevertheless be capable of get a TWIC card in case you put up an appeal. You are eligible if:

  • You have been charged, however now no longer convicted of a crime.
  • You have convictions for misdemeanors, however now no longer felonies.
  • you have been convicted of easy drug possession.
  • You do now no longer have any present day warrants or indictments out towards you.
  • You have a legal conviction for assault, smuggling, kidnapping, or extortion from over 7 years in the past, and you haven’t been in prison for the ultimate five years. If you have been charged with a legal in the ultimate 7 years, you ought to request a waiver together along with your appeal.

Getting a New Card

Protect your TWIC card. You might be given a difficult plastic case together along with your TWIC. Keep your card in this example always to save you damage. Avoid bending the cardboard or placing it close to a magnet. These practices will maintain your card running for the overall five years.

How To Obtain A TWIC Card

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