How To Pay By Check At A Store

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Paying by check at a store allows you to get products and services using funds from your checking account. Most stores accept checks as payment as long as you properly fill out all required fields on the check.

How does one Shop Online and Pay With Checking Account?

Apparently, there are three methods to get this done.

  • Link your bank account to PayPal account and make the transaction via PayPal.
  • Use an electronic check.
  • Mail a paper check to the corporate.

PayPal may be a reliable and commonly used method. The verification process is straightforward and, thus, many merchants use the PayPal service to simply accept money from buyers.

Online money transfers are susceptible to fraud, which is why we recommend you usually undergo the protocol thoroughly and practice caution while online shopping.

Confirm the shop accepts checks for payment

Most businesses feature acceptable payment methods on their front doors and registers. Alternately, ask an employee whether the shop accepts checks.

Print the dollar amount of your purchase in words and fractions on the road below “Payable To.”

This line is employed to verify the payment amount within the event your handwriting within the numerical box is difficult to read. For instance, write “Fifteen dollars and 60/100” for a sale totaling $15.60.

  • Write the dollar amount, followed by “and.”
  • Write the cents as a fraction, with the cents amount within the numerator position and “100” within the denominator position.

Present the check to the cashier

The cashier will review the check to verify all required fields are filled out correctly. In some cases, you’ll be asked to supply your driver’s registration number, Social Security Number, or other data as requested to finish the acquisition with payment by check. Rules and policies for payment by check vary, counting on the shop.

Enter the small print of your transaction into your register

This helps you track payments made using your bank account. For instance, write the date of the transaction, the store’s name, and therefore the payment amount.


  • Don’t pay by check if your bank account lacks funds to hide the complete amount of your purchase. This is often against the law in most jurisdictions, and should end in negative consequences, like bounced checks, the closure of your bank account, and therefore the revoking of your ability to write down future checks.

How To Pay By Check At A Store

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