How To Pay For A Money Order

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A check or cash isn’t a sufficient method for paying a bill or submitting payment for a sale . However, money orders are widely accepted when cash or checks aren’t . If you do not have a bank account , a postal order can also substitute as a check when paying bills or creditors. Here are some recommendations about the way to buy a postal order .

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Choosing a Payment Method

Use cash. Cash is that the most generally accepted sort of payment for a postal order . you’ll attend any postal order provider and buy a postal order with cash. you merely buy the quantity of the cash order plus a fee.

  • Companies that issue money orders want the foremost secure sort of payment possible because once they issue the cash order, their money is nearly as good as gone.
  • you’ll also pay with a open-end credit linked to your checking account .
  • you can’t buy a postal order with a private check. Checks can take a couple of days to process. If you don’t have sufficient funds, the cash order issuer loses the cash .

Write your address within the purchaser section

You’re the purchaser, so your information goes during this section. you’ll be wanting the recipient to understand the way to contact you if there are questions or issues with the payment. Sometimes your full name is additionally required.

Paying Fees

Pay for online money orders. Payko may be a company that permits you to get money orders online. However, their fees are considerably above purchasing a postal order face to face . Expect to pay a flat fee that ranges from $3.49 to $4.99. On top of that, you’ll need to pay a fee of 5.49 percent of the worth of the cash order. Finally, you’ve got to buy postage to send the cash order to the recipient. If you would like to send it via express , expect to pay approximately $15.

Purchase multiple money orders if you would like quite $1,000

Money orders are generally capped at $1,000. So if you would like extra money than that, you want to purchase multiple money orders. this suggests that you simply also pay multiple fees.

  • For instance , if you would like $2,200 in money orders and you attend the USPS, you’ll got to purchase two $1,000 money orders for $1.65 each, and one $200 postal order for $1.25. This adds up to $4.55.

Considering Your Options

Compare the safety features. Money orders are sometimes seen as a disreputable sort of payment. Someone can steal a postal order and put their own name because the recipient. Also, many scammers attempt to use counterfeit money orders.

  • Personal checks are safer because they’re linked to the safety of your bank.
  • Cashier’s checks are secure because they’re guaranteed by the issuing bank and are signed by a bank representative.
  • Wire transfers are considered secure because the identity of both parties is confirmed before the transfer takes place.
How To Pay For A Money Order

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