How To Pay Someone Else’s Credit Card Bill

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If you recognize someone who’s struggling under crippling mastercard debt, paying their bill are often an enormous relief for them. You’ll simply give them the cash to pay the bill themselves, but if you’d rather roll in the hay yourself, you’ll typically make the payment online, over the phone, or face to face .

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Use Online Bill Pay

Similar to step #1, you’ll use your checking account’s online bill pay feature to send a check to the proper place. Again, confirm the cardholder’s name and card account information is provided within the Memo section.

Pay Over the Phone

Ask the cardholder to supply the telephone number printed on the rear of the mastercard and call customer service to form a payment. you’ll got to provide your bank account’s routing number and account number for payment.

Provide Your Bank Info for Online Payment

Similar to step #3, you’ll just provide your bank account’s routing number and account number to the cardholder, who enters this information for mastercard payments.

This payment information are often saved for future payments or to line up automatic payments. fixing auto payment may be a good move if you’re getting to be the one paying the bill frequently.

Confirm with the cardholder that the payment cleared

If you write a private check, you’ll know the payment has been processed when it clears your checking account . Otherwise, you’ll haven’t any way of knowing when the payment clears. Ask the person whose bill you paid to allow you to know when the payment clears.

  • Albeit you made the payment, don’t expect the mastercard company to contact you about the payment or offer you any information about it if you contact them.


  • Keep records of the quantity you give and who you provides it to because there could be tax consequences. For instance , if you’re within the US, you’ll hand over to $15,000 per person, as of 2020. For amounts greater than that, you’d need to file a present income tax return .
  • If you are going to be paying the bill regularly, ask the person about becoming a licensed user on the account. Then you will be ready to access the account information an equivalent as they will .


  • Before paying someone else’s mastercard bill, re-evaluate your own finances carefully. confirm you’ll afford to assist them out and still cover your own obligations.
  • If you’re paying the mastercard bill of somebody you do not know, do what you’ll to research the person’s situation before you plan to avoid falling prey to a scam.
How To Pay Someone Else’s Credit Card Bill

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