How To Physically Secure Your Office Computers

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Many individuals, companies, and small groups frequently recognition on keeping the safety of workplace computer systems from a digital standpoint; however, now and again bodily times of robbery or housebreaking can arise wherein your workplace computer systems are stolen. There are numerous approaches to bodily stable your workplace computer systems, relying on for your precise choice or workplace layout; which include maintaining computer systems locked in a stable room or maybe securing computer systems bodily to desks in the use of locks. Continue studying this newsletter to study the various distinct approaches wherein you could hold your workplace computer systems bodily stable.

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Lock up the server room

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Even earlier than you lock down the servers, in fact, earlier than you even flip them on for the primary time, you need to make sure that there are the right locks at the server room door. Of course, the quality lock with inside the global does no right if it is not used, so that you additionally want regulations requiring that the ones doorways be locked any time the room is unoccupied, and the regulations need to set out who has the important thing or key code to get in.

Mobile Proximity Alarms

Attach cellular proximity alarms in your workplace computer systems. Proximity alarms will warn you while the device is eliminated outdoor of a selected radius.

Verify that an appropriate radius is programmed into the alarm receivers. This will save you fake alarms from happening while personnel take laptops with them to conferences or to different sections of the workplace building.

Office Building Protection

Store workplace computer systems in a place with stable get admission to. This might also additionally save you unauthorized personnel or traffic from stealing workplace computer systems and different device.

Place the computer systems in a locked room on the give up of the workday, or save the computer systems in a place which can most effective be accessed via way of means of legal personnel.


  • If your computer or computer systems do now no longer incorporate safety slots that assist you to bodily stable them to desks, buy lock kits furnished with safety bolts that may be glued to every computer.
  • Encourage personnel to take computer systems domestic with them. Since maximum laptops are smaller, compact, and appreciably greater cellular than computer systems, personnel might also additionally have little or no trouble in transporting laptops to and from their homes.
  • Install a badge safety gadget wherein legal personnel should swipe their badge to get admission to rooms that incorporate workplace computer systems and different treasured device.

How To Physically Secure Your Office Computers

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