How to Practice Darkness Meditation

Here you can know about How to Practice Darkness Meditation. Darkness meditation may be a sort of meditation meant to attach you with a way of your life and conception. The aim is to reduce the fear of darkness and therefore the unknown.

To practice, you’ll first need to work on cultivating a mindset that doesn’t fear darkness. You’ll even have to form basic preparations, like finding the proper room and cozy clothing. The routine should last about 25 minutes, and requires intense concentration. It’s going to take you a couple of months to master darkness meditation.

What Is Dark Meditation?

Also referred to as dark room meditation or dark therapy, it’s a practice of reflection that’s often wiped out in a quiet and dark space away from sunlight or artificial light. The great thing about dark meditation is that it are often easily done from the comfort of your home, or you many prefer to attend a dark therapy retreat that has therapists or guardians who can guide you through this process.

Consider How you feel About Darkness

For most people, being trapped within the dark isn’t an honest feeling. They associate it with negative emotions like fear or maybe death. Also, if you’re scared of the dark, then this is often not the choice for you.

Mention Positive Associations With The Dark

For you to feel comfortable within the dark, it’s best that you simply cultivate positive emotions regarding being within the dark. believe the blackness as a hug, or as a source of life – in reference to creation.


Meditation are often wiped out any clothing, but loose clothing like flowing robes, yoga pants, and loose-fitting sweat suits are preferable as they will prevent numbness in your limbs.


Choose an edge that’s the foremost comfortable for you. You’ll prefer to either, lie on the ground, on your back, sit upright during a chair, together with your legs uncrossed and hands resting on your thighs, or sit on the ground during a crossed-legged position with left resting palm abreast of your lap and right resting palm up in your left.

Breathing Exercises

Breathe in slowly through your nose and exhale slowly through your mouth. Notice how your body expands with each inhale and the way it contracts with every exhale. Note of how your muscles begin to relax also.

The Step-By-Step Instruction

  • If you’re seated up, adjust your position in order that your spine is straight, your body relaxed, your hands resting gently in your lap. You’ll probably want to shut your eyes and exclude all the distractions of the sunshine.
  • Concentrate to your other senses. Do a body scan and release the strain from your muscles. Notice of all the surrounding sounds, specialize in your thoughts and allow them to float away. Don’t hold on to them, but allow them to float away.
  • Now imagine your body and mind are crammed with darkness and silence. Take comfort within the stillness and rest into this inner darkness, knowing that you simply are safe during this moment. Simply be and keep inhaling and out.
  • From here, you’ll manifest or visualize your life with what you’d love it to be. You’ll also combine dark meditation with other techniques like mantra meditation, love-kindness, gratitude, chakra meditation, etc.
  • Do that for however long you are feeling comfortable – less than 20 minutes then come down, keep breathing, open your eyes, get up and go write down your thoughts, think on them and have some tea.

If you’re wondering the way to optimize a dark room for meditation, make certain to practice this exercise a minimum of once each day, two to 3 times every week to assist you relax, grow spiritually, sleep and affect pain and other factors.

Avoiding Pitfalls with Darkness Meditation

  • Understand darkness, meditation takes tons of practice. You ought to not feel discouraged if your first attempt at darkness meditation doesn’t meet your expectations. It takes an incredible amount of practice to clear your mind and avoid going into dream mode when closing your eyes. Provides it time. It’s going to take months before you master the art of darkness meditation.
    • Practice darkness meditation as often as you are feeling comfortable. If you’ve got a nasty reaction to darkness meditation, you’ll want to taper off practicing until you are feeling more calm.
  • Reconsider darkness meditation if you’ve got a phobia of the dark. If you’ve got an intense phobia of the dark, you’ll want to reconsider darkness meditation. While darkness meditation can help lessen fears or apprehensions regarding darkness, a phobia may be a much more intense fear. Phobias should be addressed with a psychological state professional, and it’s going to be dangerous to undertake to tackle a phobia on your own.


  • Let others in your household know that you are preparing to practice a darkness meditation, so someone doesn’t accidentally open a door and disrupt you.
How to Practice Darkness Meditation

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