How To Process Loans

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As a loan processor, you set together information a few borrower and organize it during a neat package therefore the underwriter can evaluate and approve the requested mortgage. You’ll open the loan file, verify the borrower’s information, and submit the package to the underwriter for an ultimate decision. Although specific steps may vary counting on your employer and any federal, state, or local laws, the essential steps to process a loan are roughly an equivalent .

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Opening the File

Enter loan information into the pc system. The bank or lending company where you’re employed will have its own system for entering information about each loan you process. Enter the knowledge you’ve received accurately and completely.

  • If the pc system prompts you for information you do not have within the loan file you received, contact the loan officer as soon as possible so you’ll get this information filled in.
  • The pc system will generate deadlines for various processing steps to be completed, and should send you reminders when a deadline is approaching.

Credit Decision

Counting on the results from the underwriting process, an application are going to be approved, denied or sent back to the originator for extra information. If certain criteria’s don’t match consistent with the rule engine set within the system, there are often an automatic change within the parameters, like reduced loan amount or different interest rates.

Quality Check

Since lending is very regulated, the standard check stage of the loan origination process is critical to lenders. the appliance is shipped to the standard control team, that analyze critical variables against internal and external rules and regulations. this is often the last check out the appliance before it goes to funding.

Loan Funding

Most loans fund shortly after the loan documents are signed. mortgage loans, Business loans, Loan against property and features of credit may require overtime for legal and compliance reasons. LOS can track funding and make sure that all necessary documents are executed before or along side funding.

Work with the underwriter to resolve any problems

The underwriter may issue a “suspense” on the loan if they require more information for processing. they’ll go on to the loan officer for this information, but frequently as a loan processor you’ll act as an intermediary between the underwriter and therefore the loan officer.

In some cases, like if the difficulty is said to a note or comment you made on the file, the underwriter may attend you directly for an evidence .

How To Process Loans

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