How to Protect Your Business Bank Account from Fraud

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From corporate account takeover, to compromised email, fraudulent checks, and unauthorized ACH debits, there are ample gateways for a fraudster to undertake to urge their hands on the cash in your business checking account . Following these best practices will assist you mitigate the danger of fraud on your business checking account .

What is Corporate Account Takeover?

Corporate account takeover may be a sort of fraud where thieves gain access to a business’ finances to form unauthorized transactions, including transferring funds from the corporate , creating and adding new fake employees to payroll, and stealing sensitive customer information which will not be recoverable. Employees are targeted through phishing, phone calls, and even social networks. it’s common for thieves to send emails posing as a bank, delivery company, court or the higher Business Bureau. Once the e-mail is opened, malware is loaded on the pc which then records login credentials and passcodes and reports them back to the criminals.

Protecting Your Account from Corporate Account Takeover

Keep access to your online business banking accounts limited to those that absolutely need the access. It are often tempting to supply online access to your accounts to the multitude of individuals who assist together with your company’s finances, like accountants, payroll staff, and other financial professionals in your organization. confine mind that the more access you grant to your accounts, the more likely that your account information goes to fall under the incorrect hands.

While ensuring you don’t over-grant access to your accounts is important , it’s also important to form sure that quite one person regularly monitors your accounts. Daily monitoring of your accounts by a minimum of 2 individuals will help avoid cases of embezzlement or other shady activity you’ll not otherwise determine about until your account has been drained.

Protecting Your Account from Fraudulent Funds Transfers

Utilize dual verification/approval for all funds transfer requests, including wire transfer requests and ACH transfers. Dual verification is obtainable by nearly all banks and restricts users of your online banking accounts from submitting funds transfers on their own without obtaining an approval from another user with sufficient authority to approve the request.

albeit you’re not concerned with an employee going rogue, requiring dual verification can catch instances of an employee’s online login credentials being compromised by fraudsters.

Protecting Your Account from Fraudulent Checks and ACH Debits

Utilize Positive Pay. Nearly all banks offer a service called Positive Pay, which is one among the simplest means of defense against fraudulent debits posting to your account. There are many various variations of Positive Pay, but the service essentially allows a licensed user at your business to review the checks, ACH debits, and other transactions posting to your account to verify they’re indeed authorized. If there are unauthorized debits, they will be marked to return and your bank are going to be ready to return the fraudulent debit back to the sender.

All business-to-business ACH debits have very limited turnaround times to file fraud claims against, and if you’re only reviewing your business account bank statements monthly, you’re potentially getting to end up responsible for up to a month worth of fraudulent transactions. you want to report fraudulent business-to-business ACH transactions to your bank no later than the business day after they’re presented for payment to avoid liability in most cases. ask your bank or review your account terms and conditions to verify any additional stipulations or requirements for reporting fraud.

Educate your employees

You and your employees are the primary line of defense against corporate account takeover. a robust security program paired with employee education about the warning signs, safe practices, and responses to a suspected takeover are essential to protecting your company and customers.

Protect your online environment

it’s important to guard your cyber environment even as you’d your cash and physical location. don’t use unprotected internet connections. Encrypt sensitive data and keep updated virus protections on your computer. Use complex passwords and alter them periodically.

Partner together with your bank to stop unauthorized transactions

ask your banker about programs that safeguard you from unauthorized transactions. Positive Pay and other services offer call backs, device authentication, multi-person approval processes and batch limits help protect you from fraud.

Pay attention to suspicious activity and react quickly

Look out for unexplained account or network activity, pop ups, and suspicious emails. If detected, immediately contact us at (915) 532-1000 [El Paso] or (575) 323-6040 [Las Cruces], stop all online activity, and take away any systems which will are compromised. make certain to stay records of what happened.


  • Daily monitoring of your account can’t be stressed enough. Most transactions on business accounts can’t be returned by your bank later than the subsequent business day after they post to your account. Timely reporting of fraud to your bank will help reduce or maybe eliminate your liability for any fraud losses.
  • Report any unauthorized activity, including fraudulent transactions, to your bank immediately. The quicker the activity is reported to your bank, the faster your bank are going to be ready to respond and help pack up or freeze your account access, or plan to recover any lost funds.
How to Protect Your Business Bank Account from Fraud

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