How To Read An Annual Report

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An annual report may be a document that summarizes a company’s performance and progress during the previous year. These reports are generally read by shareholders and investors, but they’re also of interest to future lenders, people considering future employment with a corporation , and business students. Reading an annual report provides an summary of the corporate , familiarizing yourself with company leadership, and punctiliously reading financial information.

Table of Contents

Components of an Annual Report

Investors should read the 10-K filing if they’re curious about investing during a public company. The report begins with an in depth description of the business, followed by risk factors, a summary of any legal issues, and therefore the numbers.

Often, the foremost essential components of the annual 10-K filing include:

  • Item 1: Business (a description of the company’s operation)
  • Item 1A: Risk Factors
  • Item 3: Legal Proceedings
  • Item 6: Selected Financial Data
  • Item 7: Management’s Discussion and Analysis of the economic condition

Getting an summary of the corporate

Look over the ten-year summary. The ten-year summary analyzes where the corporate is financially compared to where it had been per annum for the past ten years. This section will offer you an honest idea of what the long-term growth trends are , also as where the corporate could be headed within the future.

If the corporate has not been around for ten years, the report might feature an identical section on “long-term growth” or a “five-year summary.”

Evaluating Financial Performance

Review the stock price history. The stock price history illustrates how the company’s stock value has fluctuated over the course of the past year. it’ll usually be presented as a graph, along side an explanatory section offering analysis of the stock’s trends. The company’s symbol and stock market listing also are listed during this section.

Compare the stock price of the corporate with others within its industry. search for similarities and differences between the businesses . If the stock price of the corporate decline much less than those of other companies within the same industry, or didn’t rise the maximum amount , this variation may are a results of mismanagement.


  • Consider the financial statements and therefore the letter from the chairperson once you read an annual report. These will assist you to know the guts of a corporation .
How To Read An Annual Report

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