How to Record Audio with VLC

VLC player can record audio from microphone. However, it can’t record system sound. Therefore, if you would like to record audio from YouTube or other streaming videos, you’ll use FonePaw Audio Recorder , which may record sound from both microphone and system also as screen activities. it’s liberal to download now.

VLC may be a powerful media player that plays several audio formats, like avi., mp3., wmv., asf. and so on. Expect for enjoying videos and audios, you’ll also record audio with VLC.

Read this post and find out how to record audio with VLC, including audio from YouTube videos or streaming videos (opens new window).

Use VLC to Record Audio from Microphone

Steps of recording audio from microphone via VLC on Windows and Mac are a touch different.

On Windows

Step 1 Open VLC then go to “View” > “Advanced Controls”.

Step 2 Next, enter ” Media” > ” Open Capture Device”. Click the pull-down menu of “Audio device name” > choose the audio source.

Microphone: record audio from your computer’s microphone.
Stereo Mix: record audio from speakers.

Step 3 Click “Play” > and click on the red button to start recording. Click it again to prevent . To pause and continue, click the “Play” button. Click the square button to prevent playing.

Step 4 go to “Media” > “Open File” or Open “This PC” The recorded audio files’ name starts with “vlc-record”.

On Mac

The steps of Mac are just about an equivalent as Windows:

Step 1 Enter “File” > “Open Capture Device” > “Audio”.

Select sound recording Source on VLC

Step 2 Select a source for VLC to record audio from:

Built-in Microphone: record Mac’s internal microphone.

Built-in Line Input: record external mic.

Soundflower Input: install Soundflower and record your Mac’s audio.

Step 3 Click “Open” > On the menu bar go to “Playback” > “Record”.

Step 4 go to “Media” > “Open File” and look for the files starting with “vlc-record”.

Use VLC to Record Audio from Computer

To record audio from a video or music playing on VLC, you ought to make the record button visible first.

Launch VLC, go to “View” > ” Advanced Controls” and therefore the advanced toolbar is above the quality toolbar.

Click the red button to start out recording.

The sound recording is stored in “My Documents/My Music/” as an MP3 file with the name beginning with “vlc-record”.

Record Audio from YouTube or Streaming Videos

VLC is in a position to record videos and audios that play on the VLC media player. However, if you’re getting to use VLC to record audio from speakers, YouTube, or streaming videos, VLC cannot record system sound.

Some users may ask what to do if we actually want to record clear audio on our computer. you’ll use FonePaw Audio Recorder (opens new window).

It can’t only record your voice through a microphone but also audio in top quality from sound card, YouTube, NetFlix, and so on. Besides, you’re ready to improve the sound quality with “Microphone noise cancellation” and “Microphone enhancement” feature, which may be tested before recording.

More than that, FonePaw Screen Recorder can record video with audio (opens new window)and take a screenshot (opens new window)while recording the screen. once you finish recording, you’ll share the audio to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter in one click.

Can VLC Record Screen Capture with Audio?

VLC Capture Device cannot record display screen and audio at an equivalent time. If you’re going record screen with audio (opens new window), try other methods like FonePaw Screen Recorder (opens new window).

Here are more details about use VLC to capture display screen and record video (opens new window).

In all, VLC may be a versatile media player, helping you record videos and audios. But if you would like to record sound or audio in high-quality, FonePaw Screen Recorder could be an honest alternative to VLC. It can records screens with audios, and also take a screenshot. Just download and check out it for free!

How to Record Audio with VLC

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